Saturday, 16 December 2017

This day I love

There is no truth more telling than a small child's eyes. As I watched you today, privileged to be your aunt & care for you whilst the necessities of labour & recovery are sorted, I saw a different boy emerge. How confident you are when her name is spoken. True to your word that you would kiss her all over & you will love her so much. I had the pleasure of being there when you first met your sister & what a divine moment that was. Truly struck by your mummy holding your sister with the greatest outpouring of "bubba" "mama" whilst you raced to climb the bed they lay on. Gentle as you could be with your sister. Words haven't caught your tongue yet but your eyes said it all Reggie. And in that, my joyful tears fall as you were so perfect. That moment was so perfect. For my dear brother & his wonderful fiance. For me, witnessing the blessing of new light in our family being absorbed by my sweet nephew. And today, waiting so patiently, so eagerly, to surprise mama with your cheeky face on her leaving the hospital. You were so animated by the thought of hiding & so knowing that your mummy would greet you with open arms, her first born. You are loved Reggie. So very much. Today was so wonderful.
And on to my darling Hollie. My lil Queen. Baby, you are immense. The smell of your tiny head with all that dark hair. The weightlessness of an angel in my arms. I cherish & adore you & I'm so very lucky to be your auntie. Christmas came early for us being blessed by you. What a champion your mama is. Her body nurtured you into a bundle of beauty of the most precious kind, like a rare diamond being formed in a far away place. Only one person will truly know the effort it took to give you your strength, your immaculate milky skin formed under her beating heart, your body created by hers. And wow, if I could I'd bottle the feeling I got when I saw your daddy hold you. So you could remember when you are older. How sweet it is to be snuggled by a man who is staring at his tiny daughter as if he has known her longer than anyone. The ease he had, you are & will always be so safe in those arms Hollie. Warning for the future though bubbakins. He cheats at games. He will most definatley tattoo any dolls & barbies you have & will for sure blame you for his reseeding hairline. All being said he will be your biggest cheerleader ever. Welcome lil miss Greenfield.
Here's a big, fat cheers to my family. To the mother & father who created this perfect angel & to the best big brother. 143

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