Thursday, 31 October 2013

Alphabet obsessed

Jasper is so hugely obsessed with the alphabet at the moment. Its such a delight & his learning is becoming a daily activity that he really concentrates on & enjoys. He is choosing a lot more to not sleep in the day now & do a slow, calm activity like his learning books or Alphablocks magazines. He has always had a bedtime story even when he was a newborn, I adore reading & would love my enthusiasm for it to be filtered down to my children. Ducky has already shown us this year how immensly brilliant her reading is & is above average for her age in reading. She can read shop signs to me & likes to look at labels when we are shopping & tell me the price. Jasper is now getting into this. He for months has been interested in street, picture & road signs. He likes to find the letter J anywhere, last week he read out Grampys work van letters. All the ones he could remember, we stood for 10 minutes with him shouting look mummy B for Bella, D for Darcey, & of course J for Jasper. He loves it!! Now the weather is turning colder we will stay in a few more days a week than usual & im excitied for this year seeing as he is so enthused by my teachings & all his precious books he has for learning. His favorites being his Letterland book & is Usbourne lift the flap tales. He is so brilliant at recognizing the letters of the alphabet & can tell me two or three things that begin with the letter he had remembered. He struggles with a few still. C & K sound the same in phonics so that slightly confuses him. He is enjoying learning his alphabet too by poeople he knows. So we have been spelling his friends & family names this week. I tell him the letter to find with his little letter shapes & he knows now to place each letter to the right of the last one. He is learning so much so fast its astounding. Im enjoying learning lots about such interesting topics too by reading educational books to him & he loves all the pictures his National Geographic kids magazine & often asked me or daddy to read to him. Both him & cherub love the library & choosing new books. Selecting books not just purely on what the cover looks like but the vibrancy of the colours inside & the font & words they maybe recognize. Its such an exciting, joyous time. Im so enjoying it & my darlings are just growing so well. So blessed . 143**

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