Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Living Arrows 8/52

"They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself."

There is no way to express truly the overwhelming love I hold for my sweet darlings. No words that come close, no emotion strong enough. I had a conversation with the dearest old lady yesterday that so inspired me. I had told her about our weekend adventures & how wonderfully strong, happy & content Jasper is. She said his character was his souls story. That his happiness would be in part bestowed on him by his parents but he would of been blessed long before with lifes desire to seek, learn & be true. She was so lovely & I felt so amazed by her confidence in her words & in truth she doesnt know me at all, she doesnt know my son, but she took my words & believed I was not just a biased mama but a blessed one. Im rambling & probably making no sense but oh well* 

Him & Her*

Three years & seven months* Studley boo pumpkin pie. Six years & four months* Ducky doo angel face. My lil cherubs are fast becoming so darn big, growing up within a heartbeat, learning so much more after every sunrise. They are just incredible. 

This week see's the start of Ducky joining a new school, a vastly better school with great teachers & a few friends already as there is children from her pre school attending. It was her chosen school from the start that she didnt get given but after a year of persistance her mum has finally got her a place & its wonderful that Darcey will have better books as her reading level is higher than what she was being given, better teachers & a more secure, gentle enviroment. Her old school was not at all providing the best for her. 
She is still into her super heroes, still a huge tomboy at heart, in love with Spiderman & Wolverine & practising all her moves. Asked what she would like to do if she could start a weekend club or sport she replied with a desire to be taught how to win on the machines that grab the teddys up so she can win some when she goes to the amusements. It was just the sweetest answer. She said she could learn & win teddys for herself & Jaspey. Just such a babe.
She has been very attached to me emotionally but holds such a connection with her daddy. Fun & laughter, play & gaming draws her to her happy dadda & so for me Im her security & the provider. The cuddles for me are always long & she loves to tiggle me knowing she'll make me scream. She has been an amazing big sister teaching Jasper words connected with his favourite Alphabet letters. B for ball, J for jumper & f for family. I love that she included family for f. Bless her*
She was extremely happy with the books we chose for her at the library to read & 'The Smartest Giant in Town' for me to read to her. It was a mega size version (we also got The snail & the whale) almost as big as Jasper. I read it laying on her floor & she sat on my back just curling my hair round her lil fingers. Shes so great, so beautifully shy & heartbreakingly cute the way she sneaks kisses from her bro & whisphers she loves him. They really do play so well together & she does get upset still when going home stating that Jaspers her best friend & he plays so fun with her & he likes playing her games (hes a doggy shes the owner, hes ill in hospital shes the Dr) too cute* It is still painfully raw with the seperation each week & we are keeping Jasper away from the trip home as they both get so torn parting. Darcey is still very emotional on the drive home & struggles to greet her mum at times as she is so heartbroken to leave her daddys arms. We know this isnt just Darceys journey, many kids do this each week but wowsa it hurts so bad. After such a great family long weekend it really hit us. Me crying all the way back to my mums & Gary having to go for a drive to collect himself. Just so sad. :(

Jasper is such a character. His new things are a daily shock to me. Things I have tried to teach him that I havent had much response or interest shown will all of a sudden be displayed & shown off to Nanna. He is counting into his fortys & recognising double numbers. He knows his alphabet & is enjoying learning what words stem from these letters. He loves building & is crazy in love with anything lego just now. He is a bit too stumble fingers on building it so small so Daddy gets as excited as him to help & build. He loves Star wars Angry birds & so we have been plowing through his activity book doing puzzles, mazes & writing in a charcater themed educational book. He loves our ipad & his games on there. Mainly the robot fighting game with his fave robot Atom. He loves doing maze puzzles & is gaining such skill in holding his pen & slowly guiding it through the way he knows to go after trailing with his finger for a few minutes before. He is getting very good at spot the difference style puzzles too. Just learning so much everyday bless him.
He still adores his pre school Rainy Days & goes 15 hours a week. His best friends he would say are William, Hayden & Toby. He has a girlfriend called Tallulah haha* I dont think she realises she is his girlfriend as Ive never seen them speak hehe. He is far too cute & watching his face just everyday, when hes chewing food with those chubby cheeks & when hes just tired staring I can really concentrate on those darling beaut features that are just incredible to me. I still cannot believe my body created this boy, his blood is what runs through my heart too, his dimples so wonderfully stolen from me, his gorgeousness taken from his amazing dadda. Just wow, that gets me everytime. So much love inspires me & overwhelms me for my darling love bugs* 143

Lewes Castle

We had such a great adventure last week with my bro in law & niece Skye coming along with us four to Lewes for the day to explore the Castle & town then head to a new soft play we hadnt visited before. It was such a great day, the bubbas loved running around the castle & climbing the many steps to each new room. The beauty in view from the top of the castle had Jasper stunned & he really was in awe just staring from each opening he could find. Bless him he is too small to see through the parapet walls so he collected all the step ups provided for us shorter lot & built a tall step to be able to see. Lil brain box* He was so excited & had such energy viewing the castle & asking me to read the plaques & posters. Lewes town was just as stunning as the castle. Town houses built in such a unique, pretty way. Hanging baskets at each door & floral displays around the town brightening the footpaths. We had lunch in The Pelham Arms, a lovely local pub with the best chips I have had just ever. The bubbas settled well with a portion each & colouring to do. Just such a chilled day. Then we head for the soft play Monkey Bizness which was such a great find & we are going to head back soon with my twinny in tow as she will join me on the slides too & it'd just be so funny & silly* We didnt manage to get back to museum in the grounds of the castle as after soft play the bubbas were desperate to snooze. It was getting too close to dinner time & so we got them home for bath, dinns & snuggles. After reading their bedtime stories, two each, all Julia Donaldson books, the cherubs & i fell asleep. I was so wiped out & it was only half six but we all certainally needed it after a hugely busy, fun filled day. <3 143 <3 

Half term*

Ive been slow as per on updating blog as it was half term week just gone. We had four days with Ducky doo here too which was just so lovely. Gary took time off on Friday & we had a brilliant family weekend exploring Lewes Castle one day with my bro in law & niece Skye too. Daddy & Darcey had a much anticipated day date to the cinema & I had time with Jaspey who managed to fall asleep for THREE hours in his buggy so after errands run I sat & read my book enjoying a coffee for two blissful hours. On Sunday we supported a childhood friend on a sponsored walk to raise funds for her lil man Bradley who is very poorly but would love to visit Disney land to see his hero Buzz. Such a great turn out & they managed to raise enough through this day & other fundraising :):) so so brilliant* We had one day were it was just me & the cherubs. We stayed home & just had the most casual, easy day. Games were played, puzzles were mastered & hide & seek was a regular every other hour. I hid for about 10 minutes giggling to myself that they couldnt find me when infact they had looked for a minute then given up, left me & started their own game in the lounge haha! Prior to Darcey getting here I had some lovely rain free days with bubbs & we visited our local museum which was so interesting & I cannot believe we havent visited before. They also have a craft, messy group on a friday that Jasper saw advertised on a huge colourful poster so we will def be trying that. Really great family filled week :):)

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Living Arrows 7/52

I made you, but you made me a mother <3 I am blessed every day by you. Your smile, giggles, warmth, love & passion. You are so invested in each day, so curious, so enchanted & adventurous. You are incredible baby boy. I made you but you, sweet boy created your own character, happiness & overwhelming spirit. I nurture your heart & desire to be like you, to be your best friend. I strive to be as soulfully confident & comfortable with life as you* You have given me the cherished blessing of being your mama. I'm so thankful * 143

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Rain adventures*

So its been non stop rain, gale force winds & grey skies for so long. Storms are really battering the Uk & its pretty lucky we havent seen much worse conditions here as yet! We've actually had a few days of let up with lovely, chilly sunshine filled afternoons but very rare. Yesterday was so murky but we had spent the previous day visiting great nannas & running errands for them so I wanted to make sure Jasper had some play time. He adores jumping in puddles & so we went out in the pouring rain. He was geared up & wrapped up in bundle of warmth & I had all my winter togs on. His water proofs were a bit ridiculous as he walked into the deepest puddle so his wellies filled & the water was up to his kness inside his trousers haha!! But all the same he had a great time running through huge puddles, scooting through the shallow ones, pretending to find fish & crocodiles & we had our local park all to himself!!! Homefield park is our closest green with a park in the area & fascinating really it used to have a huge lake in the middle. It was never filled in probably & so at times of bad rain it always floods. The park was pretty submerged but Jaspers favourite slides & tramboline were fine. His wet proof trousers made for a very slippy slide & he shot of the bottom of the slides each time, laughing hysterically & asking for help in climbing them only to delibratley fall & slide fast again. Such a happy, funny, peaceful hour with my SONshine. Rain falling the whole time, soaked through but just so so fun. I highly recommend on a rainy day to just don the wellies & get outside. Its exhilirating really, running through puddles as a 28 year old still feels just like the old days of running through them with my twinny holding my hand. Instead I have my toddly holding it now* Just amazing...143

big boy bike

So Grampy is just so amazing & snapped up a great deal on a Cars bike for my lil studley. It has stabalisers & is the perfect size for his long skinny pins. After all the stormy weather we've had he hadnt had a chance to get out & ride it outdoors so on a rare sunny day we went over to Nanny & Gramps with Auntie Bella to cycle the tracks of the graveyard out the back of their home on the downs. He had a few coaching lessons from Gramps & then boom, he was off. He rode like a pro & was so impressed with himself. He did have a few falls at first but still confident he got up & just done it. I was wooping & shouting like a loser with such joy at how quickly he picked it up. We all boosted him with high fives & words of such adoration for his amazing skills & he was so proud of himself he was running & jumping & going "Yes, yes!!" haha. So much cuteness* Asked who is the best bike rider ever in light of his fab ride he still insisted Uncle Mike is...(Uncle Mike being a pro MotoX rider-Champ*) He has had a love of green bikes since I can remember, he can tell you brands of Mx bikes & loves pointing out the Monster Energy logo. He is so spoilt by extreme sports gear, new bike toys, outfits & converse shoes (all bike pros have good shoes!!) He also sits on the toilet at Nannas with a Mx magazine for reading material!! Haha. He has had an array of ride alongs from Gramps & his Uncles including a mini quad that he rode solo after just an afternoon of practice. He is such an adventure bunny & Im sure given the chance he will be trying Mx as a sport in the not to distant future. Lil champ* 143
I am very very proud of the Uncle my lil bro has become considering when Jaspey was born he was too terrified to hold him for a full month. But now he actually builds games & fun for his fave boy with his fiance Vicky who equals his love of studley & Im am just far too lucky with how adored he is by them both & well all my sissys & brothers, inlaws included. He is so loved & how could I ever show how happy & grateful that makes me. I do hope that Jasper has character like his Champ uncle & the confidence in his skills, hobbies whatever he may choose* Heres a video I got sent at work that I never want to lose, priceless**

Count Master

My studley is turning into a boy genuis* He impresses me so much with his knowledge, his willingness to learn & his desire for me to read his big boy Usbourne books about body, the world & history. His daddy is teaching him sign language & he is just incredible at randomly coming out with an alphabet sign or random word. He asked me to teach him yesterday in sign language, isnt that insane. Im surprised I actually understood him also. Its definatley a skill I would like him to learn more on. I wonder if they have teachers or classes for this for little men hehe!! For now his love of Mr Tumbles & youtube will do nicely. He had a very avid day of poitning out every sdingle number he saw. On his books, his 3 on his shirt & at the park. He had a great time shouting 1-10 on the hopscotch there also. With his love of Lego growing I decided to use a few of his building blocks to use as a counting game & also look similar to lego so he would be more interested, not that he really needed encouragement he was so into it as soon as he saw me using tipex on the blocks!! Excitedly waiting for it to dry so he could be taught the new game. He has to count the dots & stack the blocks in the right order up or down his choice. He held such concentration & wanted to do it all by himself. No help, no guidance, "Im a clever cat mummy!" He really is too. He effortlessly built his tower up then down like a rocket set for take off. He played this with me just sat watching* So intelligent & wise is his lil brains, his fingers so adapt to placing each block carefully, his eyes with such interest. Gosh i couldnt love this boo more if I tried. Im so in awe of him everyday. My boy, my love, my amazing clevet cat!! 143

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Our Sunday*

I woke early to set up a selection of breakfast for the bubbas to create & choose from an array of foods. Lil cereal boxes, toast, fruit, milk & doghnuts :):) When they saw what surprise was waiting them they were so excited & got stuck in right away. Ducky buttering her own toast & getting sticky with strawberry jam. Pouring glasses of milk for her & Stud. It was so cute to see them enjoying the selection & assisting each other & being very relaxed whilst dining. Too cute. We then head over to Nannas to see all the fam & made the birds some treats to hang in the trees. We fed bluberries, cranberries, grapes & cheerios to string & looped them from the trees for the local wildlife to graze on. Jasper is at Nannas tommorow to check if the treat loops have been nibble hehe.
 We went to the park then hiked a two hour trail over the south downs where I used to walk old family dogs & know all the shortcuts & forest trails much to the admiration of the boyf. It was lovely & sunny but so windy that at the top of the highest point reached with no forest to shield us we had to carry Jasper as he was set to blow away & getting quite frightened bless him. Darcey loved it though running most of the journey & giggling manically at the wind pushing her along. It was so tranquil & seeing the cherubs enjoy the great outdoors so much was awesome. As I said these are paths I trod so eagerly as a child with my mama & siblings so it was really peaceful & memories whirred. Even so much as to get a pic of my darling son on the bench that was so prevelant in my childhood as a checkpoint for our adventures up the downs. Just such a brilliant day* Perfect Sunday 143


Saturday, 8 February 2014

blustery days*

These pics of Jaspey from a beach visit this week are just far too cute. It was freezing & so windy. Like you couldnt tell from his lil face haha!! We went for warm drinks & play at our fave cafe after five minutes of watching the waves & chucking stones :):)

my angel face cherub pie

Baby girl in her new schoolwear daddy & I brought her. Army boots, collar shirt & skinny fit bottoms, she picked every item. Such a sense of what she likes & dislikes now, incredible girly. We are in a good place now with Darceys mum & so were able to involve ourselves more with Darceys needs ie schoolwear, homework tasks, recent hobbies etc. We are also looking into a sport that Darcey could start as an activity at weekends that we can all participate in each week we have her. Im thinking football or something fast paced as she is like a cheetah when running. Such a sporty bubb* Love you my darling lil miss gappy too muchies. Look at that smile* Melt my heart sweet baby 143

Local tourists*

After seeing this awesome post this week I decided we were lacking a adventure day since Jasper has been slightly under the weather. Thursday & Fridays are mummy & bubba days, just us & what we decide to do. So we woke & got ready for our journey into Brighton which is a short bus ride from our home town. A seaside route which is just as fascinating & fun for Jaspey aswell as the whole day planned. Seeing people canoe on the adur, a helicopter take off from Shoreham airport & his excitement at seeing builders on top the Brighton Mall with sky high scaffolding. We got so lucky with a cold but beautifully sunny day & set off too see The Royal Pavilion (inspired by said post!) in all its glory. It is such a stunning sight & surrounded by the Royal Gardens which have the hugest, beaut trees & few flowers trying to blossom. We had visited last year for Ducky & dadda having an ice skating date on the rink set up aside the Pavilion. As dusk set the Pavilion lit with multi coloured lights, a sight set in my mind still so vividly. Again such an amazing day with our babys!
We took some photos, Jasper on camera duty also trying to snap mama haha. We walked the gardens & found a beautiful tree all haunting in its structure & bow. Jasper said the tree looked sad & had decided the Pavilion was an old Indian knights castle with Dragons that still lived in the paintings! I told a tale of the littlest dragon that sneezed & blew fire through his mouth burning all the leaves on the tree which had made it sad but come spring time the leaves will come back hehe!! He was so impressed with my knowledge even though I really have no idea of the history of the Pavilion or Brighton town. I was so excited to discover that the Brighton Musuem is in the Royal Gardens just behind the Brighton Dome so in we went to have a look into the history of the town. So so good & Jasper was so impressed with the huge scale model of Brighton & Saltdean from years ago. He was terrified of an old style Gypsy glass booth that read fortunes as she was a tad freaky & all dark from being unused for many years. Amazing to touch a piece of history that was once a very popular tourist attraction on the Palace pier alongside performers, funfair rides & Punch & Judy shows. Jasper was so impressed to see oriinal Punch & Judy character puppets from the 1950s in a booth as he had just last weekend seen a show at his pal Ruperts party :):) I was interested to learn Brighton actually had three piers- Palace, West & an old Chain Pier that was destroyed in the late 1800's. Just this week the West Pier or what is left of it took a huge battering from the gale winds weve been experiencing. Sad really as it is the only Grade 1 listed pier in the whole country now. There was photo's old style glamour seaside wear on the most stunning, elegant ladies, dolphins in the Sealife Centre & children making sandcastles with bonnets on their heads! So wonderful & Im excited to go back with Gary & Darcey one day soon. 
 My papa's shop is in St James St very close to where we were so we headed up to his shop to see my brother & surprise him with a visit at work from his bestest boy & some chocolate treats seeing as he was hard at work. We saw the Brighton Wheel & The service men war memorial on our return to town.
We went for lunch & some retail therapy including the brilliant Lego store which we stayed for an hour in playing & bubba got a lil treat & filled a box he was given as a reward for spending over £50 at Christmas time. Seeing him so eagerly looking for all lego choices that included his fave characters, Marvel, Ninja's & Star Wars was just too cute. I wish I could buy the whole store & have a lego playroom in a mansion haha!! Much needed starbucks then it was home time & a sleeping bunny was snoozing all the way home hehe!! Far too cute & just the most wonderful outdoors, blissful day with my gorgeous boy. Perfection xx 143

Sunday, 2 February 2014

dancing in the puddles*

We have had annoyingly wet, miserable weather since before Christmas. It has hindered our outdoor adventures as Jasper really isn't a fan of getting cold. He does however love to dance in the rain & splash in puddles to the point of being absolutely soaked. Its such a delight to see his glee at me running & splashing with him & his desire to just go a tad mental is so funny as its just not his character. He's not at all bolshy or harsh as a little boy, he isn't a terror that runs messily through his days. He is really quite reserved & poised for a three year old so its actually nice to see him frantically laughing & being wild. He is such an adventurer & seeks fun in every day & yesterday our exhilarating moment was in the form of running in torrential rain & jumping in mahussive puddles* It was so much fun, his smiles were so overwhelming on my heart & I had fun being a total prat with him. People rushed past smiling & commenting on how happy it must be to enjoy the rain so greatly. It was a precious moment* The pictures are blurry & dark but capture the fun. I love my lil happy boy so incredibly it actually just overwhelms me. 143 sweet bouncy tiggs*