Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Him & Her*

Three years & seven months* Studley boo pumpkin pie. Six years & four months* Ducky doo angel face. My lil cherubs are fast becoming so darn big, growing up within a heartbeat, learning so much more after every sunrise. They are just incredible. 

This week see's the start of Ducky joining a new school, a vastly better school with great teachers & a few friends already as there is children from her pre school attending. It was her chosen school from the start that she didnt get given but after a year of persistance her mum has finally got her a place & its wonderful that Darcey will have better books as her reading level is higher than what she was being given, better teachers & a more secure, gentle enviroment. Her old school was not at all providing the best for her. 
She is still into her super heroes, still a huge tomboy at heart, in love with Spiderman & Wolverine & practising all her moves. Asked what she would like to do if she could start a weekend club or sport she replied with a desire to be taught how to win on the machines that grab the teddys up so she can win some when she goes to the amusements. It was just the sweetest answer. She said she could learn & win teddys for herself & Jaspey. Just such a babe.
She has been very attached to me emotionally but holds such a connection with her daddy. Fun & laughter, play & gaming draws her to her happy dadda & so for me Im her security & the provider. The cuddles for me are always long & she loves to tiggle me knowing she'll make me scream. She has been an amazing big sister teaching Jasper words connected with his favourite Alphabet letters. B for ball, J for jumper & f for family. I love that she included family for f. Bless her*
She was extremely happy with the books we chose for her at the library to read & 'The Smartest Giant in Town' for me to read to her. It was a mega size version (we also got The snail & the whale) almost as big as Jasper. I read it laying on her floor & she sat on my back just curling my hair round her lil fingers. Shes so great, so beautifully shy & heartbreakingly cute the way she sneaks kisses from her bro & whisphers she loves him. They really do play so well together & she does get upset still when going home stating that Jaspers her best friend & he plays so fun with her & he likes playing her games (hes a doggy shes the owner, hes ill in hospital shes the Dr) too cute* It is still painfully raw with the seperation each week & we are keeping Jasper away from the trip home as they both get so torn parting. Darcey is still very emotional on the drive home & struggles to greet her mum at times as she is so heartbroken to leave her daddys arms. We know this isnt just Darceys journey, many kids do this each week but wowsa it hurts so bad. After such a great family long weekend it really hit us. Me crying all the way back to my mums & Gary having to go for a drive to collect himself. Just so sad. :(

Jasper is such a character. His new things are a daily shock to me. Things I have tried to teach him that I havent had much response or interest shown will all of a sudden be displayed & shown off to Nanna. He is counting into his fortys & recognising double numbers. He knows his alphabet & is enjoying learning what words stem from these letters. He loves building & is crazy in love with anything lego just now. He is a bit too stumble fingers on building it so small so Daddy gets as excited as him to help & build. He loves Star wars Angry birds & so we have been plowing through his activity book doing puzzles, mazes & writing in a charcater themed educational book. He loves our ipad & his games on there. Mainly the robot fighting game with his fave robot Atom. He loves doing maze puzzles & is gaining such skill in holding his pen & slowly guiding it through the way he knows to go after trailing with his finger for a few minutes before. He is getting very good at spot the difference style puzzles too. Just learning so much everyday bless him.
He still adores his pre school Rainy Days & goes 15 hours a week. His best friends he would say are William, Hayden & Toby. He has a girlfriend called Tallulah haha* I dont think she realises she is his girlfriend as Ive never seen them speak hehe. He is far too cute & watching his face just everyday, when hes chewing food with those chubby cheeks & when hes just tired staring I can really concentrate on those darling beaut features that are just incredible to me. I still cannot believe my body created this boy, his blood is what runs through my heart too, his dimples so wonderfully stolen from me, his gorgeousness taken from his amazing dadda. Just wow, that gets me everytime. So much love inspires me & overwhelms me for my darling love bugs* 143

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