Saturday, 8 February 2014

Local tourists*

After seeing this awesome post this week I decided we were lacking a adventure day since Jasper has been slightly under the weather. Thursday & Fridays are mummy & bubba days, just us & what we decide to do. So we woke & got ready for our journey into Brighton which is a short bus ride from our home town. A seaside route which is just as fascinating & fun for Jaspey aswell as the whole day planned. Seeing people canoe on the adur, a helicopter take off from Shoreham airport & his excitement at seeing builders on top the Brighton Mall with sky high scaffolding. We got so lucky with a cold but beautifully sunny day & set off too see The Royal Pavilion (inspired by said post!) in all its glory. It is such a stunning sight & surrounded by the Royal Gardens which have the hugest, beaut trees & few flowers trying to blossom. We had visited last year for Ducky & dadda having an ice skating date on the rink set up aside the Pavilion. As dusk set the Pavilion lit with multi coloured lights, a sight set in my mind still so vividly. Again such an amazing day with our babys!
We took some photos, Jasper on camera duty also trying to snap mama haha. We walked the gardens & found a beautiful tree all haunting in its structure & bow. Jasper said the tree looked sad & had decided the Pavilion was an old Indian knights castle with Dragons that still lived in the paintings! I told a tale of the littlest dragon that sneezed & blew fire through his mouth burning all the leaves on the tree which had made it sad but come spring time the leaves will come back hehe!! He was so impressed with my knowledge even though I really have no idea of the history of the Pavilion or Brighton town. I was so excited to discover that the Brighton Musuem is in the Royal Gardens just behind the Brighton Dome so in we went to have a look into the history of the town. So so good & Jasper was so impressed with the huge scale model of Brighton & Saltdean from years ago. He was terrified of an old style Gypsy glass booth that read fortunes as she was a tad freaky & all dark from being unused for many years. Amazing to touch a piece of history that was once a very popular tourist attraction on the Palace pier alongside performers, funfair rides & Punch & Judy shows. Jasper was so impressed to see oriinal Punch & Judy character puppets from the 1950s in a booth as he had just last weekend seen a show at his pal Ruperts party :):) I was interested to learn Brighton actually had three piers- Palace, West & an old Chain Pier that was destroyed in the late 1800's. Just this week the West Pier or what is left of it took a huge battering from the gale winds weve been experiencing. Sad really as it is the only Grade 1 listed pier in the whole country now. There was photo's old style glamour seaside wear on the most stunning, elegant ladies, dolphins in the Sealife Centre & children making sandcastles with bonnets on their heads! So wonderful & Im excited to go back with Gary & Darcey one day soon. 
 My papa's shop is in St James St very close to where we were so we headed up to his shop to see my brother & surprise him with a visit at work from his bestest boy & some chocolate treats seeing as he was hard at work. We saw the Brighton Wheel & The service men war memorial on our return to town.
We went for lunch & some retail therapy including the brilliant Lego store which we stayed for an hour in playing & bubba got a lil treat & filled a box he was given as a reward for spending over £50 at Christmas time. Seeing him so eagerly looking for all lego choices that included his fave characters, Marvel, Ninja's & Star Wars was just too cute. I wish I could buy the whole store & have a lego playroom in a mansion haha!! Much needed starbucks then it was home time & a sleeping bunny was snoozing all the way home hehe!! Far too cute & just the most wonderful outdoors, blissful day with my gorgeous boy. Perfection xx 143

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