Saturday, 15 February 2014

Rain adventures*

So its been non stop rain, gale force winds & grey skies for so long. Storms are really battering the Uk & its pretty lucky we havent seen much worse conditions here as yet! We've actually had a few days of let up with lovely, chilly sunshine filled afternoons but very rare. Yesterday was so murky but we had spent the previous day visiting great nannas & running errands for them so I wanted to make sure Jasper had some play time. He adores jumping in puddles & so we went out in the pouring rain. He was geared up & wrapped up in bundle of warmth & I had all my winter togs on. His water proofs were a bit ridiculous as he walked into the deepest puddle so his wellies filled & the water was up to his kness inside his trousers haha!! But all the same he had a great time running through huge puddles, scooting through the shallow ones, pretending to find fish & crocodiles & we had our local park all to himself!!! Homefield park is our closest green with a park in the area & fascinating really it used to have a huge lake in the middle. It was never filled in probably & so at times of bad rain it always floods. The park was pretty submerged but Jaspers favourite slides & tramboline were fine. His wet proof trousers made for a very slippy slide & he shot of the bottom of the slides each time, laughing hysterically & asking for help in climbing them only to delibratley fall & slide fast again. Such a happy, funny, peaceful hour with my SONshine. Rain falling the whole time, soaked through but just so so fun. I highly recommend on a rainy day to just don the wellies & get outside. Its exhilirating really, running through puddles as a 28 year old still feels just like the old days of running through them with my twinny holding my hand. Instead I have my toddly holding it now* Just amazing...143

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