Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow studley*

This week was our first snowy week since you were five months old Studley. You are now 2 years+5 months & you looked out at the snow in such awe & excitement remembering from your Christmas books that snow means building snowmen!! We had such an excitable morning the first day we woke up to snow. We walked a short trip to the seafront café, chucking snow balls & getting cold noses. If u saw a patch of snow untouched you ran circles in it. I watched you enjoy the snow & just feel so blessed to have the happiest little adventure seeker. You slipped over & got up giggling unhurt & laughing at your simple experience of a toddler tumble in the slippy snow, you unwittingly made a snow angel* And you sweet boy are just that, my little angel :)
 We also had a great weekend of snow fun with our amazing family. We had a huge snow war, girls vs boys, you were our decoy bubbs, we hid behind your cuddles for a breather before we bundled the boys again. You ran & laughed so much that you were warm for hours in the snow. We all laughed & shared joy in watching you baby. My eyes look on with such admiration for the boy you are. Its in the littlest things I see this; when you giggle to yourself walking like an astronaut in the snow, when you run smiling towards the sound of a neewnaw, watching you eat breakfast (your cherub cheeks chewing always makes me giggle), the way you smile so kindly at passing children, when you reach for my hand before I get to yours, just your easy, content nature. Your cheeky & happy. Your smile is a heartbreaker & you are so lovely & sweet to strangers who want to tell mummy how adorable & clever you are after watching you for seconds themselves. You’re patient & willing even when we’re doing chores & errands. You enjoy any activity I put to you & absorb so much in everyday life. Just yesterday at the Chemist you got talking/babbling with an old dear & you ended up singing the alphabet song to her, cuddled her goodbye & got tears swelling in her eyes about how fortunate she felt to have met you, her words. Such powerful adrenaline & emotions you give to people just by your glowing presence. Im so proud of you, Im so proud for me & daddy to have created such a blessing to bring such goodness & light into our family. Im so proud of your strong body giving you abilities to be the most amazing little soldier on earth. I said I was too mushy but you will grow to know this, I think the amount of hugs & kisses I steal from you each day shows I cant get enough of you & we must say I love you more a million times over each day** I love that through you we can all loose ourselves in our fun, childish ways. I skip along streets with you, pulling faces & laughing loud so un-caring of anyone who is watching because in my mind I know their thinking, what a wonderful scene. A happy & loving family. Im truly the luckiest mummy to be blessed with you Jasper Casey 

Sunday, 13 January 2013


This photo is so uniquely beautiful to me. I took it after a brilliantly fun bath with the shower acting as some water world adventure apparatus, that according to Darcey is not scary anymore (only last weekend she near on broke down when I accidently said right time for your shower baby rather than bath.*) I thought you looked so cherub like that I asked for you to smile so I could take a photo. The spontaneous thought resulted in this fascinating photo that just makes my heart melt. Your smiles & the way you are encouraged to be yourselves is so characterized. Darcey our bright, sensitive, achingly shy angel, look at your happy yet thoughtful smile, definitely a little pensive as you always are with random photos being snapped but still so crushingly beautiful. Straight after you want to see the picture & always laugh at cheeky cherub Jaspey boo. Our handsome monkey, my sweet baby boy, your smiles always break me, they make my heart ache for how much I love you & they make me want to snuggle you so hard :) You are by far, the most fun loving, cheeky, adventure bunny & we adore your crazy, attention adoring personality, it’s the humour of the Harrison household & anytime sweet Darcey gets shy you are the only one to break her. She dances without thought with you, she giggles so hard at your clumsy silliness & she relishes in the thought that she has taught you silly words or to shake your tush tush* Its not just instinctive or unconditional that I love you just so much, you bring my world to a standstill just to stare at you & to capture a photo that’s inspires me so amazes me. But I know anyone reading this post or viewing this picture will never quite understand what I see & have love pouring out their eyes for the emotion it creates!! Its us babys, its family, its mine* blessed beyond expectation** 

Friday, 11 January 2013

Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone, but still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute...You didn't grow under my heart, but u, my darling Da'rcey, grew in it xxx 

Friday, 4 January 2013

So it begins...

Where to start? I have so many experiences with my little pumpkin pies I don’t really have a start point. I’ll just type & see what happens for now…

Im a little mushy to be honest, way too sensitive & overwhelmed by my emotions on every occasion. So be it humour, events or adventures I post about it’ll have lots of emotions, nicknames & underlying love.

Studley has chicken pox to start the year off but even that has not fazed us. Im so happily content in the joyous family me & Gary (baby daddy*) have created that for me the start of a new year is just a date now. It used to mean so much to me, whether a year would be good or not. Now hand on heart, my life is amazing. We have set backs & problems along the way but these amazing critters that are mine give us such brilliant love & happiness. Darcey went back to her mummys New years day & we miss her so much as always. Jasper crys & refuses to kiss her goodbye, poor boo doesn’t understand of course & she herself doesn’t understand why Jasper gets to live with us but she cant. They are so happy to be around each other, Jasper definitely clings to her & she loves being bigger, faster & stronger than him & plays mama, picking him up & gives him kisses sayin “u kk baby??” I spy on them when they play together, he nearly always wants what toy she has & she nearly always gives it up to him, she laughs at his snotty face & wipes it from his nose & his eyes twinkle in awe learning from her how to play & use his imagination to make their games even more exciting. They are just so cute together. They have such a special bond considering they get such little time together as brother & sister. When I fell in love with Gary I knew I would take on Darcey with huge love in my heart & be a positive influence to her, so to be blessed with being this gorgeous girls step mummy is awesome. Proud doesn’t cut it when I think on our relationship. She is my little cherub pie & I am her bum bum mummy Cara (her choice not mine!!) I teach her as much as she teaches me. Were a team. We bake, we colour, we paint, we sing, we dance (shake our bum bums), we have marshmallow fights & both love doing art & crafts & know were really good at it :) We have girly days too which I cherish. After our last girly day Darcey asked me why I loved her, such a spontaneous, intrigued question from a 5 year old. I told her that when I fell in love with her daddy I also gave her my heart & took on the role of being a special friend to her & as our bond grew we became a family. She then said with her little smile “Thank you”. She said she knew I didn’t have to love her but I did & she thanked me, my heart was solid gold that day. I have the greatest most inspiring bubbas* 143

newest pics https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151088528550217.780392.505860216&type=3

Thursday, 3 January 2013

New years resolution 2013- stage 1

Created blog to hold memories so my happy heartbeats can read when they are older. To document the smudges on my existence, the spontaneous adventure and happy laughter so easily forgotten. I want my beautiful cherubs to know how overwhelmed they make me with happiness. I love you is the term we use to acknowledge this now but I hope in their future they know how ridiculously brilliant they have made mine & their daddys life**