Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Just shy of Four!!

My sweet angel Jasper is nearly four years old. The more this creeps up alongside the prospect of him starting school the more crazy proud & in awe I am of his growth. His baby years!! I cannot quite believe we are here already. In the advance of school days that I will miss him dearly five days a week. In the crazy fact that he runs faster then me, is braver than me & is reading & writing so eagerly like I was at his age. Its just amazing to me. My journey from bump to baby was really difficult, scary & painful. I was very unwell during pregnancy & my labour was so sadly not an event I care to remember. But maybe for all that, I have been given it easy. Because really & truly Jasper is just easy. So chilled, so content with his life. Day to day trips be it an adventure, errand or play group, he has always been so ready & happy for the event. He has had his share of tantrums but they are so few its remarkable. He is just so calm & motivated. I truly adore his lil soul & just have such peace when Im with him. Which is why any anxiety about his schooling is my issue entirely & so not his. He is so ready & eager for September. I however do not know who I am without my darling boy. For four years I have tendered to his every need, gained patience I never knew could exist in me & have such contentment in being in Jaspers company & bring needed I guess. My role as a Mama is my most important & life changing experience. We have had the most immense adventures daily & I will miss these heaps. Anyhow... 
Jaspers loves just now are Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Angry birds & Chima lego. Tomatoes, peanut butter, sausages & ham. Oh & carrot sticks in houmous. His favourite ice cream is Mint choc chip just like his Mama!! His most favourite book is Francesca Simons 'Do you speak English moon?' 
His best friends at school are William, Toby, Hayden & Buddy. Also Alfie but hes just three so wont be following all the boys to school. All these lil buddies are going to Lyndhurst First & Buddy & Hayden are in Jaspers class so he is happy. He can count to 60 as he loves knowing when a minute is up, so he counts it to know how long a minute is!! He loves his books, especially lift the flap books & will often chose baby books at the library as they are one word pages which he likes to spell out & ask me what it says. He loves writing his name everywhere & is left handed & left footed. He is so enjoying the world cup & loves playing football with daddy & has been practising a lot. He loves messy play. He just loves mess** He likes making his family proud! He always asks if he is a good boy revelling in the fact that we praise him highly for his gorgeous ways. When we go to a shop & he is treated with a sweet he always chooses one for his sissy boo too for when shes home with us. He prefers looking for toys in charity shops because they are ready to be played with in an instant rather than sorting batteries & packaging!! He is into wrestling figures & cars just now. His main hobby is to play army men with daddy & Darcey. They play for hours!!! He is so interested in insects, the world, planets & solar system & colours. He sometimes decides his own outfits for the day & has recently chosen a few clothes for summer himself which are so cute. He often asks "Am I cool mama"
He melts my heart at night when after storytime he tells me his happiest part of the day & always finishes with saying how daddy, me, Darcey & himself are family, the Harrisons. He tells me Im beautiful everyday & is so easy to tell everyone he adores that he loves them. He is shy but confident in equal amounts* He sings & dances like a goof. He is FULL of life, love & happiness. He is an angel. A sweet sweet angel...

Monday, 16 June 2014

Clever Duck*

Im so proud of the amazing passion, patience & dedication Darcey doo put into her Fathers Day gift for Studley. She sat for two hours painting, colouring & then writing for art to give to her daddy. She wrote him a book with all her own words & brilliant spelling (some help from me on the hard bits) but she was so excited to give her dadda the best, she put her all into it. Best present ever. Sp proud of lil miss clever clogs :):)

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Fathers day

Im sitting here with our sweet bubbas & have asked them why they love you so. I know why I do but Its hard to express strongly enough in words the depth of my love for you as the man I have chosen to love, the man who became my all. You have given me such happiness. Not just in our daring cherubs but in life & love itself. You are my light, my comfort & my heartbeat. When we first met you were so shy, so interesting & so sweetly sensitive but charming. We fell in love at a distance as I left for Australia so soon after our first meeting. My dreams came true when you were here for me on my return six months later. We really have been through so much & then some, creating such positivity & the most amazing family enviroment despite all the hurdles. You have blessed me with the cherished life as a mummy & trusted me so instinctively to love your daughter & let her be my heart too. Such a gift* She taught me how to be a mama in the first instant & from seeing you father her I just adored the idea of having a child with you too. We as a family are strong, in love & so deeply connected. I couldnt wish for anything more. I adore you my dimple king. Now onto what the bubbs have to say :):)
Jasper- Love u dadda. I'll give you a ballerina toy & your a poohead but I love you. and I will give you a birthday with mine when its my birthday so we can share coz I love you. Thanks for playing army with me & nothing else. I love u. Kiss kiss kiss...
Dàrcey- Happy daddys day. Thank u for taking us to lots of fun places & playing army men with us. You make me happy when u give me sweets & kisses and ur a poo poo head face. I like when u make me jump when we play hide and seek. And I like that u make me eggs on toast* and buying clothes for me coz u work hard for your money and buying me toys. kiss kiss kiss. I love you daddy xxx haha we all love you poo head :):)

Longleat Safari

For a fathers day treat to themselves Gary & my brother in law Craig took the cherubs to Longleat Safari Park yesterday. I was too nervous to go seeing as you drive through wild animals & as immense as that is to be so close it panics me but after seeing video footage & their pictures Im now planning a trip for us in the summer holidays hehe. They had a incredible day. Exploring all the wild animals, feeding some reindeer out of the windows & giggling at the monkeys taking rides on the roof of the car. A monkey peed on Craigs car which was a highlight, plus they had many lil monkeys joyriding the truck & flashing their bums at the bubbas. Darcey revelled in telling me about the monkeys & lions, her favourite. She also said she had a race with a Lion & a cheetah but they didnt eat her as she won :):) Jasper & Skye held a snake together & they walked through enclosures right next to penguins & meerkats. Just amazing. They walked around the Longleat House which scared Ducky doo as the art gallery pictures came to life & started talking to them. Robotic style I assume!! Skye said she was freaked out but it was magic & amazing. Gorge little buddys are these darling cousins but they are so so different haha. They got lost in a huge maze, fell in love with a Red Panda & held Lorikeets. There was also an indoor soft play with the deepest ball pit & a room full of balloons to crash around in. Such lucky babys to be so utterly spoilt with love, adventure & fun by these amazing daddys. I love these men so much for giving me these sweet babys to cherish & adore them for loving these angel pies so right, being the best they can be. 143 Hunky hubbs & Bubbs <3<3

Growing so fast

Speaking to a leader at Wot a Mess, Jaspers favourite art fun messy play class, I realised he only has six sessions left before summer holidays starts & that is the end to our messy Thursday fun at this awesome class. I cannot believe it. I have learnt such great ideas from this play group & have so enjoyed it along with my studley. We have been going since he was so little & Jasper defines Thursdays as his mummy & Jasper messy fun day, his Wot a Mess play day. He has learnt the days of the week by his activities, remembering the order of the week by what event falls on what day. This class has been such a joy & I just know when I have nieces/nephews with me I will be taking them here :):) We sure will miss the great atmosphere & fun. 
Im savouring every single spare moment of care free adventure with this boy & endeavour to cram in as many experiences until he starts school. It is so close coming. Gary & I went to Lyndhurst First on Wednesday evening to meet & greet with the teachers & we learnt Jaspers teacher would be Mrs Griffiths, a very sweet natured, very pretty lady who Im sure will adore Jasper as much as he will her. She really put us at such ease & I just know he is going to love school. The environment for the first years is amazing. The order & schedule to each day is so easy & free. Activities based around the childrens ideas & short learning lessons to keep them stimulated & inquisitive, using Letterland phonics which is what I used at Primary school :) He is in a class with one of his best buddys from Rainy Days so thats made him super happy too. We bought a school jumper, his book bag & a water bottle with his school logo on & he is just so excited by these showing them off to Grampy & Auntie Katy when they visited. I will try & take photos of the amazing play areas, the garden areas & his class. He has a few days at the start of July to play in his new class with his new friends & teacher. School starts on Monday 8th September & these will just be short afternoon sessions for the first week, then in the second week it is straight into fulltime. Its all so wonderful & I really am so excited for him as the school is a brilliant place. But I am really struggling emotionally with the detachment that is saying goodbye for five days a week. I still as yet do not have a job that is going to fill these hours so Im worried I will just spend my days missing him. Gary has put my dreams in place by suggesting I study & work less to become a teaching assistant which is something Ive been very interested in since talking to a neighbour who has recently qualified. We will see but for now I just no I will miss my days off cuddling my boy every moment I choose & adventuring how we please. 143 x x

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Nature bunnys*

We are so lucky that my mama & pops house is set on the South downs with their horses fields out the back of their garden & huge open space that is secluded enough to claim as our bbQ patch & football pitch. Had a lovely sun filled afternoon just reading magazines whilst my boys & brothers/in laws played footie & us girls gossiped & dodged the bloody football haha!! Last weekend the babies had a nanny sleepover, being spoilt with ice cream & movies & a whole day with water pistols & outside play. They were so excited to show us their games they had created burying their toys in the chalk mound & digging dirt, getting super mucky & desperate to amaze us with their findings of the baby woodlice family & worms under Grampys homemade bird baths. The place of my childhood adventures, memories & footprints is now my cherubs. Seeing them play, run & seek like i did with my dear sissys & gorgeous brothers is so awesome to me. Just magic** 143

Summer is here*

Summer is all about the sun, ice cream & sand castles according to Jaspey. So on all these lush warm days we have been having we have spent most of the day at the beach, paddling along the shore for afternoon walks & getting mucky in the sand building castles, citys & forts  <3 Jasper <3 Eddie <3 Lilly <3

messy play, messy day*

I just love love love the websites I follow on facebook & pinterest that give the greatest fun ideas for science experiments, toddler play, messy art & outdoor fun. Each week Jasper & I have new activities to experience & most of them are so up my street I enjoy them too hehe. Not only am I learning & reminissing on my childhood adventures everyday with my dear sweet cherub but I can share on my blog now & my mama friends see them & enjoy the fun too. This week we played around with moon sand & cloud dough. Flour & baby oil, then flour, cornflour & hair conditioner mixed together. Stud made mini sandcastles for a bit but then decided to flood his sand city with soapy water & get super mucky with thick doughy gloop. He also had dyed ice cubes & water play in the sink, washing his toys. Something he just adores is getting soapy & wet. Starting on his stool standing at the sink he always always ends up in his pants sitting in the kitchen sink. This week we are going to put number blocks into coloured water & freeze them. Then once they are frozen Jasper can enjoying melting, smashing & playing with the cubes until all the numbers are out then we will do addition games with the numbers & start his new Maths book he chose. He is sooooooo clever. Im not just a bias mama. He astounds me knowing addition & subtractions of small numbers already with just a few Mama taught lessons. He just adores learning & actually loves making me & Daddy proud by boasting of his knowledge. He can spell & write his name, he knows alot of sign language, he dresses himself & picks great outfits each day now & this week has seen him wanting to be a super big boy & really mastered a huge life skill-wiping his own bottom hehe!!! 143 bubba boo*

Sunday, 1 June 2014

mummy mode switched off

This weekend has been an array of dates for me & my dimple King. My gorgeous guy who works so bloody hard for us, who we always crave more of & who we all just adore & love immensely. We are such a team him & i. He plays army men with the cherubs so I can have half hour extra in bed of a Saturday morning. I bring him coffee in bed & make him fried eggs sandwiches on demand. We have exactly the same desires & life goals written on a pad for our future checklist, our wants for our childfren & how we parent are identical. I cannot praise this sweet gentleman high enough. He is incredible. The love of my life & the light in his childrens hearts. So having a full weekend of child free evenings was so special. We rarely go out without our bubbas & dont often go drinking thats for sure haha. But we had a brilliant night being carefree on Friday with Garys hysterically funny friends & the wifeys (elec wags) & ended up in a bar dancing around a wine bottle, doing the running man & laughing until my cheeks hurt. So much fun* Then on Saturday evening it was out with Garys work buddys to see Paolo Nutini in concert in Brighton. Awesome show, more dancing & cuddle ups with my hunk. Feeling eighteen again, slow dancing to amazing song lyrics, an amazing voice :):) Just perfection. Not a post about the bubbas, but this is what mama & dadda are when we are child free. In love, blessed, happy & strong :):)**143 always

The most incredible evening*

I had tears of overwhelming happiness this weekend watching my sweet babies so exhilaratingly joyous from an evening stroll on the beach that turned into an evening swim in the sea :):) It was just incredible. They enjoyed an ice cream & the low tide ment they could write their names in the sand. They found a small puddle & paddled at first, watching my expression to know this was okay. As if I would say no. Messy fun is the best fun* They then found a larger puddle past the rock pools & ran through this with such glee & excitement. Getting wet & exclaiming that their pants were wet. Finding this hysterical they then decided to just sit down in the giant puddle. Their little faces made me melt. My heart beat faster with incredible love & admiration for these adventure seeking souls. It was just so amazing to see them so confident in themselves, so hysterically giggly & insanely happy. I just cherish these moments & i know I will remember this evening for all my days. As if this wasnt funny enough Jasper then paddled in the sea & whilst running on the tide fell over. He was laughing so hard! Sea water soaked him & I expected an end to the fun but he just looked at me with the most amazing little expression. Determined, smiley & self-assured. Then he just bolted for the sea, running in up to his hips & just falling with the biggest grins. He was saturated & with a knowing glance Darcey joined him. No hesitation. All smiles. Confident & bouncy. They pretended to swim & ran through the waves, jumping the rippling tide. I was videoing & taking photos & became aware of them looking at me whilst playing. Darcey held out her hand. And just like that. I was thigh high fully clothed with them in the ocean. Bloody brilliant. The sea was shockingly warm after a sunny day* It was immense. The most incredible feeling. There is something so emotion jerking for me when they are playing against all the 'rules', they break the code & revel in the fact that this is not a standard family beach walk. They adore me for allowing them to be so silly & I adore them for their dear courage & passion for fun. We splashed & kicked & my bag got whisked away in the tide which was hilarious (i ran after it!). I cannot explain well, it doesnt have enough enthusiam shoved into this post but wow, just the most awesome evening with my baby loves* I love you with all my being sweet cherubs. You are my happiness, my devine love & just the blessing of my whole world** 143 angels*