Sunday, 1 June 2014

The most incredible evening*

I had tears of overwhelming happiness this weekend watching my sweet babies so exhilaratingly joyous from an evening stroll on the beach that turned into an evening swim in the sea :):) It was just incredible. They enjoyed an ice cream & the low tide ment they could write their names in the sand. They found a small puddle & paddled at first, watching my expression to know this was okay. As if I would say no. Messy fun is the best fun* They then found a larger puddle past the rock pools & ran through this with such glee & excitement. Getting wet & exclaiming that their pants were wet. Finding this hysterical they then decided to just sit down in the giant puddle. Their little faces made me melt. My heart beat faster with incredible love & admiration for these adventure seeking souls. It was just so amazing to see them so confident in themselves, so hysterically giggly & insanely happy. I just cherish these moments & i know I will remember this evening for all my days. As if this wasnt funny enough Jasper then paddled in the sea & whilst running on the tide fell over. He was laughing so hard! Sea water soaked him & I expected an end to the fun but he just looked at me with the most amazing little expression. Determined, smiley & self-assured. Then he just bolted for the sea, running in up to his hips & just falling with the biggest grins. He was saturated & with a knowing glance Darcey joined him. No hesitation. All smiles. Confident & bouncy. They pretended to swim & ran through the waves, jumping the rippling tide. I was videoing & taking photos & became aware of them looking at me whilst playing. Darcey held out her hand. And just like that. I was thigh high fully clothed with them in the ocean. Bloody brilliant. The sea was shockingly warm after a sunny day* It was immense. The most incredible feeling. There is something so emotion jerking for me when they are playing against all the 'rules', they break the code & revel in the fact that this is not a standard family beach walk. They adore me for allowing them to be so silly & I adore them for their dear courage & passion for fun. We splashed & kicked & my bag got whisked away in the tide which was hilarious (i ran after it!). I cannot explain well, it doesnt have enough enthusiam shoved into this post but wow, just the most awesome evening with my baby loves* I love you with all my being sweet cherubs. You are my happiness, my devine love & just the blessing of my whole world** 143 angels*

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