Sunday, 15 June 2014

Longleat Safari

For a fathers day treat to themselves Gary & my brother in law Craig took the cherubs to Longleat Safari Park yesterday. I was too nervous to go seeing as you drive through wild animals & as immense as that is to be so close it panics me but after seeing video footage & their pictures Im now planning a trip for us in the summer holidays hehe. They had a incredible day. Exploring all the wild animals, feeding some reindeer out of the windows & giggling at the monkeys taking rides on the roof of the car. A monkey peed on Craigs car which was a highlight, plus they had many lil monkeys joyriding the truck & flashing their bums at the bubbas. Darcey revelled in telling me about the monkeys & lions, her favourite. She also said she had a race with a Lion & a cheetah but they didnt eat her as she won :):) Jasper & Skye held a snake together & they walked through enclosures right next to penguins & meerkats. Just amazing. They walked around the Longleat House which scared Ducky doo as the art gallery pictures came to life & started talking to them. Robotic style I assume!! Skye said she was freaked out but it was magic & amazing. Gorge little buddys are these darling cousins but they are so so different haha. They got lost in a huge maze, fell in love with a Red Panda & held Lorikeets. There was also an indoor soft play with the deepest ball pit & a room full of balloons to crash around in. Such lucky babys to be so utterly spoilt with love, adventure & fun by these amazing daddys. I love these men so much for giving me these sweet babys to cherish & adore them for loving these angel pies so right, being the best they can be. 143 Hunky hubbs & Bubbs <3<3

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