Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sandcastles & citys*

I love building a good tunnel & track out of damp sand & in the week after it had rained all the previous day we went to the sandy park just by us. The sand was just perfect for castle building & tunelling haha!! It took me 15 miuntes to create a little area for Jasper & his cars whilst he built his own castle for Spiderman to climb. He was in awe of what I had built once he noticed I was digging. Bless him* He called it his city & names it London!! He made 3 little buddys in the park & I spoke there mums as Jasper & these boys played for ages with cars, Marvel characters & the spades being red & green became a traffic light. Such awesome imagination & play was created. Such a great afternoon just me & my sweet boy. We then walked into town for groceries & had an impromtu photoshoot as Jasper pulled his cool dude poses & asked for "More photos Mama!!" He loves showing daddy at the end of the day what we have been up to so Im always snapping every day for an archive to his childhood & so daddy doesnt feel like he is missing out too much** Love my amazing boys just so so much. <3 my dimple kings <3 143

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