Sunday, 15 June 2014

Growing so fast

Speaking to a leader at Wot a Mess, Jaspers favourite art fun messy play class, I realised he only has six sessions left before summer holidays starts & that is the end to our messy Thursday fun at this awesome class. I cannot believe it. I have learnt such great ideas from this play group & have so enjoyed it along with my studley. We have been going since he was so little & Jasper defines Thursdays as his mummy & Jasper messy fun day, his Wot a Mess play day. He has learnt the days of the week by his activities, remembering the order of the week by what event falls on what day. This class has been such a joy & I just know when I have nieces/nephews with me I will be taking them here :):) We sure will miss the great atmosphere & fun. 
Im savouring every single spare moment of care free adventure with this boy & endeavour to cram in as many experiences until he starts school. It is so close coming. Gary & I went to Lyndhurst First on Wednesday evening to meet & greet with the teachers & we learnt Jaspers teacher would be Mrs Griffiths, a very sweet natured, very pretty lady who Im sure will adore Jasper as much as he will her. She really put us at such ease & I just know he is going to love school. The environment for the first years is amazing. The order & schedule to each day is so easy & free. Activities based around the childrens ideas & short learning lessons to keep them stimulated & inquisitive, using Letterland phonics which is what I used at Primary school :) He is in a class with one of his best buddys from Rainy Days so thats made him super happy too. We bought a school jumper, his book bag & a water bottle with his school logo on & he is just so excited by these showing them off to Grampy & Auntie Katy when they visited. I will try & take photos of the amazing play areas, the garden areas & his class. He has a few days at the start of July to play in his new class with his new friends & teacher. School starts on Monday 8th September & these will just be short afternoon sessions for the first week, then in the second week it is straight into fulltime. Its all so wonderful & I really am so excited for him as the school is a brilliant place. But I am really struggling emotionally with the detachment that is saying goodbye for five days a week. I still as yet do not have a job that is going to fill these hours so Im worried I will just spend my days missing him. Gary has put my dreams in place by suggesting I study & work less to become a teaching assistant which is something Ive been very interested in since talking to a neighbour who has recently qualified. We will see but for now I just no I will miss my days off cuddling my boy every moment I choose & adventuring how we please. 143 x x

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