Saturday, 16 November 2013

exploring & inspired*

Jasper & I have had another fab week but we have missed our lil Ducky doo far too much this week. She was unable to come to Uncle Sam's Firework party on Saturday, to be fair she is very scared of the noise but we missed her all the same. And I was due to pick her up from school but have been unwell so couldnt. Hate that we have to be so distant when we all love her so darn much* But we collected her this evening to gifts of salt dough initials for our Christmas tree this year. One for each of us four & pictures she had painted & drawn for us. Beautiful angel, our lil love. Its Children in Need today & she was very excited to tell us she went to school in her onsie & had bear ears on & facepaint, she looked adorable as ever* Love my munchkin<3
We have taken alot of walks this week to clear my head cold & get fresh air. We took Jaspeys trolley to collect leaves & flowers to make a collage & ended up heading to the beach for stones also. We had fun running in the waves again & chucking stones at the surf. It was a cold, windy day but we were wrapped well for the blow. The beach was so calm even though the waves were crashing. Just a perfect easy afternoon with my gorgeous bubb. I adore that he is so outdoorsy & welcome to nature trail type walks around our local town. We have some great beauty spots so close to home & fun for exploring bugs, critters & the huge trees Jasper adores. We found a spider on our walk which Studley was so pleased to see, he loves them* But they are now starting to come indoors & Im not quite so brave haha. On the route we took I told Jasper to tell me if he saw anything he would like to take a photo of after I had snapped a few pics of him & his leaves. His vision was so amazing to me. He is so excited for street signs & large trees, patterns on cars & graphics on vans. It was so interesting to see what interested him visually* A litle experiment I would recommend as I know he enjoys our walks & picking flowers & different leaves but it seems the little sights, things that go unoticed to me, are what inspires him! We had a great time yesterday at his art class Wot a mess, he was painting with his hands & arms rather than a paintbrush by the end of the session. He loves getting crazy messy & created a hedgehog painting, made an owl out of a fur cone & used real leaves glued on a tree trunk for a 3d picture. Such a brilliant class we enjoy most weeks now :) 143*

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Mr Spider love

I was really inspired by this Knock knock Mr Squirrel post on Three Years & Home's blog this week. After all we have visited our own animal friend Mr Spider everyday, a few times a day all summer & the warmer side of Autumn. But after the St Jude storm the webs being so damaged we have not seen Jaspers spider friends at all. We walk to playschool & he searches but his favourite bug chunky brown one in the middle of two trees hanging in his huge web has gone. Jasper has asked all week why? He has shown he is quite sad by his leaving & says "Where are you Mr Spider?" to the same tree each time we walk past. Bless him* So after seeing this fantastic blog post I was determined to make a great experience in Jaspers goodbye. I brought items that I know Jasper enjoys & a few spider related gifts, wrote out his name so he would see it hanging & recognize his letters & then set about displaying his suprise from Mr Spider. This weekend we had a moment of settle from the rain. I worked with Hubby to sort the suprise. Jasper thought I was going to the shop & he was going to join me with daddy when they got their shoes on. I called Hubbs & spoke to Jasper in excitement that Ive just seen something super cool near where Mr Spider lives. He came running so fast towards me & noticed straight away looking for his spider that there was gifts. He pointed to the hanging card with his name & said J for Jasper. I said the gifts were for him from Mr Spider & he was just so happy. It was such a delightful little suprise to do for him. He wanted the cards read to him straight away & understood immediatly that as he had been such a good friend greeting Mr Spider all summer that he was gifted with a toy, choc lolly, Star wars book (his new favourite thing!) & his National Geographic kids mag. He waved goodbye to his fave creepy crawly & shouted "See you soon."
It was such a darling moment. He was so ridiculously chuffed & obviously so excited for his new toy & reading material. It was so nice to see him be so sensitive to his friend that he had cared so much for. He is such a studley, so into his surroundings & so aware & appreciative of nature & lil critters. He amazes me with his happiness & thurst for knowledge & exploring everyday & its great to be able to use the outdoors enviroment to teach him so much & to treat him to such a fun exciting pleasure. His reaction was just gorgeous. He is so un afraid of lil bugs & when we got home he spotted a spider in our kitchen & wanted to hold him. We let him stay under the drawers for now :) & last night at our family firework display he held a woodlouse. Just such cuteness.  Im so in love with this beautiful lil heartbeat. 143 bubba boo** mama loves you

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Mini chef JC

Studley helped me make dinner for daddy last night. Gorgeous lil munchkin. He so loved helping. Mixing the egg & kneading the mixture. What a lil champ* Ive never really trusted him too much in the kitchen. I guess i thought he would spill the liquid ingrediants or get flour everywhere. Thats bad on my part as I wasnt ready to try it as I do hate food mess. He experimented a bit & was a lil cheeky when it came to stealing the cheese for the quiche topping. But other than that he was concentrating, listening, enjoying & touching everything, so in awe of all the different textures. I do feel now that he will help me bake & cook alot more. I just have to prepare myself for a messy time. Love you studley. 143*

Autumn bucket list*

Ive spoken previously of the brilliant creative post I saw on a fellow bloggers page Catch a single thought. I loved the crafty idea & we have been getting stuck in creating our tree. We started off far to small for our ambitious weekly adventures as a family intwined with mine & Jaspeys daily fun. We have had a great start to Autumn just doing our usual fun activities. Spider hunts are starting to be less now though as the spiders hide inside & the wind is damaging their webs. On our bucket list we included obvious activitys like 'Take a walk', 'Go to the park rain or shine' & 'go for a coffee date with my studleys'. Another brilliant fun experience I really loved & posted about back in Febuary was running in the cold waves with the wind turning our noses pink. It was so much fun because my bubbas thought I was a tad nuts when they wanted to run in the surf & I agreed as they were sure Id say no, I mean most mothers would spare their babys toes from the freeze & worry about illnesses. But I was just excited that my lil ducky was being so confident & adventurous. It was easily the most spontaneous fun we have had. It was shockingly cold & exhilarating really. We added this to our bucket list & this weekend with my lil niece Skye in tow we headed for the seafront by the pier. The sky was a mixture of blue & grey, unchosen of what day it wanted to be. Sunny & cold or grey & muggy. It was all & the temperature really was so cold on the shore compared to the town hidden behind buildings & scooting into Costa for a coffee :) Our gorgeous babys had their welly boots on & had been told they were allowed to brave the sea if they chose. They ran down the stones so quickly & Jasper was straight into the water. The waves were quite harsh & so i ran in with him, the waves lapped over his wellies & he just giggled so much. He was gettin soaked to his thighs but I was too busy laughing along to care. Ducky was running with Skye dodging the waves, coming in slightly then screaming at being chased by another wave. Skye wasnt so confident but was happy to try & be brave. It was just such fun again. I took a huge amount of photos. I just aim my phone camera & press the shutter burst hoping for the best. The afternoon light created some brilliant shadow pics & the sunlight beaming of Darceys angel face in one photo had my heart swelling with such love. These sweet angels are so easily pleased. They take on my suggestions of fun actiuvitys & put their all into making it theirs & creating the best playtime. Fun outdoors is so easy, they adore searching & exploring. Seaweed becomes a monster & the waves are giants grabbing their feet. Just magical. A truly awesome Autumn day** 143

hello November

We have had a good start to the month. Jasper was extremely excited half term was over so he could see his friends at preschool. He so loves it there & gets so excited eating his breakfast eager for school time. He was truly fascinated today when we walked up to school in the rain & he noticed that all his spider friends in the trees we pass were not there anymore. But in there place was glistening spiderwebs that Jaspers was amazed by. Sparkly & such great shape. Twinkling in the sun rays with rainbows in the rain drops. Nature is such a wonder & just so beautiful. After reading a brilliant post this week Ive decided I am going to try & leave a present for Jasper by the tree his favourite autumn spider lived. I doubt with the weather turning he will be swinging in his web when we pass now. This week has been horridly wet & grey, I have had a constant cold for a month now (boo) & nights begin just after 4pm. We love our cosey days of staying in all day, snuggling with a blanket, doing crafts, learning & reading books. But I do still want Jasper to enjoy the outdoors come rain or shine so we headed out with my twinny Bella boo on a cold, energetic walk in Ferring. We walked along the seafront to a darling cafe called Bluebird that allows dog walkers to enjoy a coffee & snack with their pets in tow. We had Jaspers bestest most favourite friend Roxy with us. We all climbed the giant stones on the shore, we all had a turn on studleys scooter & we all ran, skipped & jumped to keep the cold off. It was such a peaceful much needed chill afternoon. We still explored but in fast forward as it was quite bitter out. My twin sissy Bella is such a brilliant auntie to Jasper, acting like his best buddy running along & teaching him new words & knowledge not stored in my brain & in such a way that a mother doesnt do. She is as energetic as him, chasing, hiding, jumping. The best playmate for a windy walk & just so much laughter is always had. She is super & my very bestest friend alongside my gorgeous big sissy Jojo. She is the defintion of cute, she works with children & just praises bubb so much for being such a brilliant, clever young man. She is so creative & inspiring with him & I just love her so dearly for her ways. She is destined to be the most awesome, beautiful mama, she'll be better than me. She is just incredible on a sensitive level with children. I cant wait for that day* He is spoilt by these girlys with such love & it makes me so proud. My sisters are just my everything, we are so close. Days like this are just priceless & its awesome to me that coming from a close family that Jasper is so content with being so involved in so many wonderful peoples lives & happiness. He truly will never know how much he has changed us all for the better :):)
 He is just so handsome, confident & happy* 143