Saturday, 16 November 2013

exploring & inspired*

Jasper & I have had another fab week but we have missed our lil Ducky doo far too much this week. She was unable to come to Uncle Sam's Firework party on Saturday, to be fair she is very scared of the noise but we missed her all the same. And I was due to pick her up from school but have been unwell so couldnt. Hate that we have to be so distant when we all love her so darn much* But we collected her this evening to gifts of salt dough initials for our Christmas tree this year. One for each of us four & pictures she had painted & drawn for us. Beautiful angel, our lil love. Its Children in Need today & she was very excited to tell us she went to school in her onsie & had bear ears on & facepaint, she looked adorable as ever* Love my munchkin<3
We have taken alot of walks this week to clear my head cold & get fresh air. We took Jaspeys trolley to collect leaves & flowers to make a collage & ended up heading to the beach for stones also. We had fun running in the waves again & chucking stones at the surf. It was a cold, windy day but we were wrapped well for the blow. The beach was so calm even though the waves were crashing. Just a perfect easy afternoon with my gorgeous bubb. I adore that he is so outdoorsy & welcome to nature trail type walks around our local town. We have some great beauty spots so close to home & fun for exploring bugs, critters & the huge trees Jasper adores. We found a spider on our walk which Studley was so pleased to see, he loves them* But they are now starting to come indoors & Im not quite so brave haha. On the route we took I told Jasper to tell me if he saw anything he would like to take a photo of after I had snapped a few pics of him & his leaves. His vision was so amazing to me. He is so excited for street signs & large trees, patterns on cars & graphics on vans. It was so interesting to see what interested him visually* A litle experiment I would recommend as I know he enjoys our walks & picking flowers & different leaves but it seems the little sights, things that go unoticed to me, are what inspires him! We had a great time yesterday at his art class Wot a mess, he was painting with his hands & arms rather than a paintbrush by the end of the session. He loves getting crazy messy & created a hedgehog painting, made an owl out of a fur cone & used real leaves glued on a tree trunk for a 3d picture. Such a brilliant class we enjoy most weeks now :) 143*

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