Thursday, 7 November 2013

hello November

We have had a good start to the month. Jasper was extremely excited half term was over so he could see his friends at preschool. He so loves it there & gets so excited eating his breakfast eager for school time. He was truly fascinated today when we walked up to school in the rain & he noticed that all his spider friends in the trees we pass were not there anymore. But in there place was glistening spiderwebs that Jaspers was amazed by. Sparkly & such great shape. Twinkling in the sun rays with rainbows in the rain drops. Nature is such a wonder & just so beautiful. After reading a brilliant post this week Ive decided I am going to try & leave a present for Jasper by the tree his favourite autumn spider lived. I doubt with the weather turning he will be swinging in his web when we pass now. This week has been horridly wet & grey, I have had a constant cold for a month now (boo) & nights begin just after 4pm. We love our cosey days of staying in all day, snuggling with a blanket, doing crafts, learning & reading books. But I do still want Jasper to enjoy the outdoors come rain or shine so we headed out with my twinny Bella boo on a cold, energetic walk in Ferring. We walked along the seafront to a darling cafe called Bluebird that allows dog walkers to enjoy a coffee & snack with their pets in tow. We had Jaspers bestest most favourite friend Roxy with us. We all climbed the giant stones on the shore, we all had a turn on studleys scooter & we all ran, skipped & jumped to keep the cold off. It was such a peaceful much needed chill afternoon. We still explored but in fast forward as it was quite bitter out. My twin sissy Bella is such a brilliant auntie to Jasper, acting like his best buddy running along & teaching him new words & knowledge not stored in my brain & in such a way that a mother doesnt do. She is as energetic as him, chasing, hiding, jumping. The best playmate for a windy walk & just so much laughter is always had. She is super & my very bestest friend alongside my gorgeous big sissy Jojo. She is the defintion of cute, she works with children & just praises bubb so much for being such a brilliant, clever young man. She is so creative & inspiring with him & I just love her so dearly for her ways. She is destined to be the most awesome, beautiful mama, she'll be better than me. She is just incredible on a sensitive level with children. I cant wait for that day* He is spoilt by these girlys with such love & it makes me so proud. My sisters are just my everything, we are so close. Days like this are just priceless & its awesome to me that coming from a close family that Jasper is so content with being so involved in so many wonderful peoples lives & happiness. He truly will never know how much he has changed us all for the better :):)
 He is just so handsome, confident & happy* 143

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