Thursday, 7 November 2013

Autumn bucket list*

Ive spoken previously of the brilliant creative post I saw on a fellow bloggers page Catch a single thought. I loved the crafty idea & we have been getting stuck in creating our tree. We started off far to small for our ambitious weekly adventures as a family intwined with mine & Jaspeys daily fun. We have had a great start to Autumn just doing our usual fun activities. Spider hunts are starting to be less now though as the spiders hide inside & the wind is damaging their webs. On our bucket list we included obvious activitys like 'Take a walk', 'Go to the park rain or shine' & 'go for a coffee date with my studleys'. Another brilliant fun experience I really loved & posted about back in Febuary was running in the cold waves with the wind turning our noses pink. It was so much fun because my bubbas thought I was a tad nuts when they wanted to run in the surf & I agreed as they were sure Id say no, I mean most mothers would spare their babys toes from the freeze & worry about illnesses. But I was just excited that my lil ducky was being so confident & adventurous. It was easily the most spontaneous fun we have had. It was shockingly cold & exhilarating really. We added this to our bucket list & this weekend with my lil niece Skye in tow we headed for the seafront by the pier. The sky was a mixture of blue & grey, unchosen of what day it wanted to be. Sunny & cold or grey & muggy. It was all & the temperature really was so cold on the shore compared to the town hidden behind buildings & scooting into Costa for a coffee :) Our gorgeous babys had their welly boots on & had been told they were allowed to brave the sea if they chose. They ran down the stones so quickly & Jasper was straight into the water. The waves were quite harsh & so i ran in with him, the waves lapped over his wellies & he just giggled so much. He was gettin soaked to his thighs but I was too busy laughing along to care. Ducky was running with Skye dodging the waves, coming in slightly then screaming at being chased by another wave. Skye wasnt so confident but was happy to try & be brave. It was just such fun again. I took a huge amount of photos. I just aim my phone camera & press the shutter burst hoping for the best. The afternoon light created some brilliant shadow pics & the sunlight beaming of Darceys angel face in one photo had my heart swelling with such love. These sweet angels are so easily pleased. They take on my suggestions of fun actiuvitys & put their all into making it theirs & creating the best playtime. Fun outdoors is so easy, they adore searching & exploring. Seaweed becomes a monster & the waves are giants grabbing their feet. Just magical. A truly awesome Autumn day** 143

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