Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Darling Studley

My gorgeous lil man is just such a star. He has taken to full time school days so impeccably. He is so comfortable in the routine of school & even though he's been a tad grumpy at times from feeling so tired, he just so loves it. He has these adorable ways, saying goodbye to his favourite friends ten times each afternoon, walking to school swinging on my hand gently & excitedly chatting all about his previous day & now he comes home with a book each day. They are wordless so he gets to follow the story by pictures & has really made a show of sitting me down to read to me. He is so curious of the title & spells the letters out to me. These are lilac coloured books which he is very proud of & makes my heart melt. He read to great nanny & auntie Ju yesterday. A book about a butterfly, a bee, a spider & lots of flowers, he was scaring us with the spider hidden in the flower. He read this story with his teacher & told her he'd been stung by a bee before haha cheeky little liar!! He has struggled a little with the morning routine being quite strict & as he’s tired I’ve not woken him early but he wants a chance to play even for ten minutes so Im going to get him a little alarm clock. He would enjoy that more as he gets so grumpy if I wake him haha* I made him a little craft organizer so each morning he has picture cars of what he’s to do & he moves it from the ‘do it’ slot to the ‘done’. He is so excited by this so again hopefully this encourages a great morning routine for him. He is just incredible being so adaptable & confident. My lil superstar* Im so ridiculously proud. 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Good bubb treats*

My lil superstar came out of school each day last week with such a smile, huge & confident, & his green sticker for good behaviour shown within seconds of our greeting. He is so proud of these stickers & being on the green board in his classroom. He understood very quickly he has rules & guidelines to follow for good behavior & as they are similar to the morals we have taught he is confident in them, knowing he will not be rewarded if he acts poorly. Ive told him I will always be so awesomely proud of him even if he was on the yellow board as a warning or red for mis-behaving as I know at least its educating him. He will on the yellow or red board some days Im sure & they have the opportunity still to behave better & move back to green so I have no doubt he will still gain praise in his day. I dont want him to focus too much on these stickers as Im so proud everyday of his gorgeous character even when he is cheeky, but for him right now, they are his thing. He has saved each one & its the first thing he told his daddy about his day at school. As he was so proud of his adapting, fearless attitude towards entering a classroom full of unknowns I decided a treat was in store. We had seen that 'Hugless Douglas' stage show was coming to Connaught theatre so I booked us tickets for Saturday afternoon. It was a brilliant, well deserved treat & Jasper has not stopped thanking me. He had such an incredible time, joining into the pantomime style chants & heckles. Douglas sadly exclaimed he needed a hug, the audience was quiet, intently watching & out of the sweetest mouth came "I'll hug you Douglas". Jasper standing on his booster seat waving frantically at Douglas. It was so sweet, everyone laughed & the show was just so captivating for him & fun. We had such a great time. He got to meet Douglas after also & squeezed him so hard knowing he wasnt really a bear, or really even Hugless Douglas. But so into it all the same. He told me Douglas, the real one, is still sleeping :):) I love his imagination & his dear innocent nature. The end of the story was about receiving the best hugs from Mummy & thats what he savored with me all weekend. Huge hugs. No prompting "I love you's" & "Your the best Mama & Daddy ever" 
Perfect perfect treat day* 143

Friday, 12 September 2014

School starter

So this past week has been a very emotional one. Jasper has been so strong, confident & brave in his first week at big boy school. He woke Monday & Tuesday in the night cuddling into me in my bed & sayin he had a bad dream. I do feel this was an anxiety showing through but he has had no signs on the school run, the entrance into his classroom or exit at that. He has a beaming smile & kisses me goodbye leaving me & GirRalph (hes lil teddy giraffe called Ralph-genuis name haha) feeling the loss straight away. I have found it incredibly hard leaving him. I like his teacher Mrs Griffiths & am confident he lucked in with the best reception teacher for sure. She is so kind to the children but has a serious edge which is good as its an authority she needs to hold & Jasper understands this well. He really likes her & has claimed he is to be her helper. Ive watched him through the window of his classroom & he seems interested, curious & happy happy happy. This fills me with such pride. He has made some lovely friends already that he has told me all about. Thomas, Lily, Summer & Buddy are his favourites just now. These are all new friendships but one. I wish I could see how he interacts with these new children, I almost want a cctv webcam I can click into & watch him in his daily school life. I hate that I have to understand his day from his lil words & stories. He is doing well telling me a lot but easily forgets of course. He tells me what he chooses to tell me but I have a thousand questions. Its a hard one. But I love that he is showing such confidence & happiness in his school week. He will be glad for the weekend break as he has a well done special treat for being such an incredible adaptable lil soul. We are going to see the stage show of Hugless Douglas, one of his fave books :):) Six weeks of summer holidays with mama almost everyday has made him quite attached to me again so its good to see there is no worry with leaving me, shame I cant feel the same. I have been a bit of an emotional wreck & really have missed him so much. I know in time I will become accustomed to our new routine. But I will miss the spontaneity of our adventures & our lazy mornings eating cereal with no milk & doing a ton of puzzles. For now, I am super proud of my darling boy & how glaringly brave he is. My superstar* 143

Here is a few things Jasper & his teacher have told me from his first week;

He has three new friends Thomas, Lily & Summer & is very happy his friend Buddy is in his class. They played blocks together & went into the playground & played on Spacehoppers ("big bouncy balls mama") which he didnt like as there was too many around for him to learn how to do it happily. He wanted to be on a red one but got a yellow :/

He has had a green sticker everyday. This shows his good behaviour. If he is naughty his name gets placed on amber to show him a warning. If he continues he gets put on red & I will be notified. He is extremely happy to of got 4 out of 4 green stickers this week. Lets see if he comes out with one today?!! 

He holds a caterpillar at circle time & says his name then passes it to someone he doesnt know to learn their name.

He coloured a picture of a dog really well & wrote his name on his third day. They were very proud of his letters. His TA is called Ms Roberts.

His first term goals are to learn his letters 1-20. To learn his class & school rules. Learning his shapes. Colour mixing & childrens/friends names :):)

His book bag goes in a box with everyone elses. His drink goes on a certain shelf & his fruit snack goes in the fruit bowl. His coat & bag goes on a peg he chooses. 

Thursday, 4 September 2014


I so adored writing & drawing as a girly & still do like doodling, note taking & write in my Q&A journal each night. I adore getting good mail & so it has become since our holiday to Cornwall that we have penpals :):) I figure it will be a huge help to Jasper in his letter learning, writing skills & he also really loves the amazing treats he gets sent not only now from HalleMay & Cooper but also now his great Nanny & great Auntie Juju. Lucky cherub gets photos, pictures coloured in, sweets & mini toys aswell as gorgeous handwritten letters from Halle. We are so lucky <3 I also love the fact that our childhood besty trait of writing in code has been brought back :) I miss my gorgee Matty so much today after recieving the most awesome huge packet full to the brim for me & my babies. Wish we lived right by them & could have coffee, chats & still write code letters haha* But until then I will eagerly write replies & buy stickers & gifts for the littles & write in our language.143 <3

summer flashed by...

cRazy babes

My angels are so care free. So easy going & so seeking of adventure. We had paid for a day ticket rider on the bus so I decided after their Wot a Mess class last week we would head to Hove Lagoon for the huge park, cafe lunch & sun shine paddle in the play pool. They had a short play in the park but their eyes kept darting to the paddling pool so I put them back into their paint splattered clothes as they had changed into fresh wear after art group. Within seconds they were fully emerged in the water. Running hard, making sure to splash & kick enough to make themselves soaked instantly. They had the pool to themselves at times, it wasnt busy at all even in the park which after the hectic hoilidays was so calming. I read my book with an eye cast on the bubbas & started secretlky taking photos as Darcey often clams up if I ask her to smile for a photo. Her confident happy face just has my heart spilling over. She is so darm gorgeous. Jaspers run is so fast now & threatens to overtake Darcey who is very proud of her strength in speed. They are my little cheetahs. So wild & happy* Best day <3


It was so lovely to last week introduce Darcey to Jaspeys most favourite activity. He has been going to his sensory play art class Wot a Mess since he was two & now it is all over as he attends school within the week. The classes will loose all these big boys & girls heading up to school :( Im gutted too as we have had such wonderful mornings at this amazing group from the route there train spotting & getting lucky with a double decker most weeks for our travel, to the excitement & fun of class & then onto Thursday playdate with his bestys Eddie bear & Lilly moo. Everything is changing & its impossible to feel comfortable with it at the moment. Jasper was pretty upset to realise this session was his last so he squeezed energy into every activity within the hour. Making a fairy garden, building gloop lily pads for the froggys, treasure hunt in flour, painting the cardboard box house & painting a gorgeous picture of a window looking out to a car with him & daddy in it. Such an imagination. Darcey really enjoyed actually experiencing what Jaspey talks about & painted some great pictures herself & really enjoyed the fishing in the water play area. She isnt a leader, she follwed Jaspers every move & I adore how much he showed off, showing her round 'his play class!!' We have taken home such adventurous recipies for moon sand, water play, homemade playdough & just inspired ideas galore each week. We are so going to miss this routine. The leader Clare is just fantastic & I would confidently say she inspired Jaspers curious, carefree play & made him comfortable with being super mucky with so much fun. He was always very hands on but now he has such an energy for sensory play & role plays with his chosen toys in whatever mucky mess I give him to enjoy. In honour of our last week at Wot a mess, myself & a fellow W.A.M lover Zoe & her lil boo Ruby alongside Jasper had a super messy afternoon in the sun with edible mess, science experiments & shave foam art (I even got compared to Neil Buchanan) haha. We Love Wot a Mess <3<3 Thank you Clare for the most amazing Thursday mornings. We will miss you* Hope to see you with my niece/nephew in the near future :):) 


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

last weekend* been too long again

My bubba boy of just four rode his bike with no stabilizers a couple of weeks ago. With summer holidays coming to a close & school so so imminent I havent had time again to post but I was so so excited & proud. I didnt get many pics but I got the cutest video of him near on crashing & daddy saving him & also my mind on repeat showing me his lil beaming face as I ran alongside him peddling slow but balanced & so incredible for literally just getting on his bike, stabilizers off & full of life & energy being a lil super star* Within an hour he had mastered the pedals, brakes & balance amazingly. Oh im so so proud. Its the first time we saw Darcey ride amazingly to. She told us she has never ridden without stabilizers too bless her & so we were cheering & praising her even though Im very sure she has a bike at her mums she rides solo. hehe . Lil love* So lovely we were joined by my gorge buddy Kate & her hubbs & cherubs Olivia & Halle. Olivia got to meet Chloe & Bonnie my mamas horses & sit on them for photos. She is such a beauty & so funny. Thats her in the video saying "Go go Jaspey" <3 Love her* Jasper kept calling her Halle & Livi kept calling Darcey "Barcey"!! haha. Such a brilliant fun & energeticly gorge friend who plays so nicely with both my angels. Halle is teeny tiny, not even one, she had snuggles on Garys lap at bedtime & made me so broody haha* Such perfect playdates with this beaut family :):) perfect Sunday**