Monday, 15 September 2014

Good bubb treats*

My lil superstar came out of school each day last week with such a smile, huge & confident, & his green sticker for good behaviour shown within seconds of our greeting. He is so proud of these stickers & being on the green board in his classroom. He understood very quickly he has rules & guidelines to follow for good behavior & as they are similar to the morals we have taught he is confident in them, knowing he will not be rewarded if he acts poorly. Ive told him I will always be so awesomely proud of him even if he was on the yellow board as a warning or red for mis-behaving as I know at least its educating him. He will on the yellow or red board some days Im sure & they have the opportunity still to behave better & move back to green so I have no doubt he will still gain praise in his day. I dont want him to focus too much on these stickers as Im so proud everyday of his gorgeous character even when he is cheeky, but for him right now, they are his thing. He has saved each one & its the first thing he told his daddy about his day at school. As he was so proud of his adapting, fearless attitude towards entering a classroom full of unknowns I decided a treat was in store. We had seen that 'Hugless Douglas' stage show was coming to Connaught theatre so I booked us tickets for Saturday afternoon. It was a brilliant, well deserved treat & Jasper has not stopped thanking me. He had such an incredible time, joining into the pantomime style chants & heckles. Douglas sadly exclaimed he needed a hug, the audience was quiet, intently watching & out of the sweetest mouth came "I'll hug you Douglas". Jasper standing on his booster seat waving frantically at Douglas. It was so sweet, everyone laughed & the show was just so captivating for him & fun. We had such a great time. He got to meet Douglas after also & squeezed him so hard knowing he wasnt really a bear, or really even Hugless Douglas. But so into it all the same. He told me Douglas, the real one, is still sleeping :):) I love his imagination & his dear innocent nature. The end of the story was about receiving the best hugs from Mummy & thats what he savored with me all weekend. Huge hugs. No prompting "I love you's" & "Your the best Mama & Daddy ever" 
Perfect perfect treat day* 143

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