Friday, 12 September 2014

School starter

So this past week has been a very emotional one. Jasper has been so strong, confident & brave in his first week at big boy school. He woke Monday & Tuesday in the night cuddling into me in my bed & sayin he had a bad dream. I do feel this was an anxiety showing through but he has had no signs on the school run, the entrance into his classroom or exit at that. He has a beaming smile & kisses me goodbye leaving me & GirRalph (hes lil teddy giraffe called Ralph-genuis name haha) feeling the loss straight away. I have found it incredibly hard leaving him. I like his teacher Mrs Griffiths & am confident he lucked in with the best reception teacher for sure. She is so kind to the children but has a serious edge which is good as its an authority she needs to hold & Jasper understands this well. He really likes her & has claimed he is to be her helper. Ive watched him through the window of his classroom & he seems interested, curious & happy happy happy. This fills me with such pride. He has made some lovely friends already that he has told me all about. Thomas, Lily, Summer & Buddy are his favourites just now. These are all new friendships but one. I wish I could see how he interacts with these new children, I almost want a cctv webcam I can click into & watch him in his daily school life. I hate that I have to understand his day from his lil words & stories. He is doing well telling me a lot but easily forgets of course. He tells me what he chooses to tell me but I have a thousand questions. Its a hard one. But I love that he is showing such confidence & happiness in his school week. He will be glad for the weekend break as he has a well done special treat for being such an incredible adaptable lil soul. We are going to see the stage show of Hugless Douglas, one of his fave books :):) Six weeks of summer holidays with mama almost everyday has made him quite attached to me again so its good to see there is no worry with leaving me, shame I cant feel the same. I have been a bit of an emotional wreck & really have missed him so much. I know in time I will become accustomed to our new routine. But I will miss the spontaneity of our adventures & our lazy mornings eating cereal with no milk & doing a ton of puzzles. For now, I am super proud of my darling boy & how glaringly brave he is. My superstar* 143

Here is a few things Jasper & his teacher have told me from his first week;

He has three new friends Thomas, Lily & Summer & is very happy his friend Buddy is in his class. They played blocks together & went into the playground & played on Spacehoppers ("big bouncy balls mama") which he didnt like as there was too many around for him to learn how to do it happily. He wanted to be on a red one but got a yellow :/

He has had a green sticker everyday. This shows his good behaviour. If he is naughty his name gets placed on amber to show him a warning. If he continues he gets put on red & I will be notified. He is extremely happy to of got 4 out of 4 green stickers this week. Lets see if he comes out with one today?!! 

He holds a caterpillar at circle time & says his name then passes it to someone he doesnt know to learn their name.

He coloured a picture of a dog really well & wrote his name on his third day. They were very proud of his letters. His TA is called Ms Roberts.

His first term goals are to learn his letters 1-20. To learn his class & school rules. Learning his shapes. Colour mixing & childrens/friends names :):)

His book bag goes in a box with everyone elses. His drink goes on a certain shelf & his fruit snack goes in the fruit bowl. His coat & bag goes on a peg he chooses. 

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