Thursday, 4 September 2014


It was so lovely to last week introduce Darcey to Jaspeys most favourite activity. He has been going to his sensory play art class Wot a Mess since he was two & now it is all over as he attends school within the week. The classes will loose all these big boys & girls heading up to school :( Im gutted too as we have had such wonderful mornings at this amazing group from the route there train spotting & getting lucky with a double decker most weeks for our travel, to the excitement & fun of class & then onto Thursday playdate with his bestys Eddie bear & Lilly moo. Everything is changing & its impossible to feel comfortable with it at the moment. Jasper was pretty upset to realise this session was his last so he squeezed energy into every activity within the hour. Making a fairy garden, building gloop lily pads for the froggys, treasure hunt in flour, painting the cardboard box house & painting a gorgeous picture of a window looking out to a car with him & daddy in it. Such an imagination. Darcey really enjoyed actually experiencing what Jaspey talks about & painted some great pictures herself & really enjoyed the fishing in the water play area. She isnt a leader, she follwed Jaspers every move & I adore how much he showed off, showing her round 'his play class!!' We have taken home such adventurous recipies for moon sand, water play, homemade playdough & just inspired ideas galore each week. We are so going to miss this routine. The leader Clare is just fantastic & I would confidently say she inspired Jaspers curious, carefree play & made him comfortable with being super mucky with so much fun. He was always very hands on but now he has such an energy for sensory play & role plays with his chosen toys in whatever mucky mess I give him to enjoy. In honour of our last week at Wot a mess, myself & a fellow W.A.M lover Zoe & her lil boo Ruby alongside Jasper had a super messy afternoon in the sun with edible mess, science experiments & shave foam art (I even got compared to Neil Buchanan) haha. We Love Wot a Mess <3<3 Thank you Clare for the most amazing Thursday mornings. We will miss you* Hope to see you with my niece/nephew in the near future :):) 


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