Thursday, 4 September 2014


I so adored writing & drawing as a girly & still do like doodling, note taking & write in my Q&A journal each night. I adore getting good mail & so it has become since our holiday to Cornwall that we have penpals :):) I figure it will be a huge help to Jasper in his letter learning, writing skills & he also really loves the amazing treats he gets sent not only now from HalleMay & Cooper but also now his great Nanny & great Auntie Juju. Lucky cherub gets photos, pictures coloured in, sweets & mini toys aswell as gorgeous handwritten letters from Halle. We are so lucky <3 I also love the fact that our childhood besty trait of writing in code has been brought back :) I miss my gorgee Matty so much today after recieving the most awesome huge packet full to the brim for me & my babies. Wish we lived right by them & could have coffee, chats & still write code letters haha* But until then I will eagerly write replies & buy stickers & gifts for the littles & write in our language.143 <3

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