Thursday, 4 September 2014

cRazy babes

My angels are so care free. So easy going & so seeking of adventure. We had paid for a day ticket rider on the bus so I decided after their Wot a Mess class last week we would head to Hove Lagoon for the huge park, cafe lunch & sun shine paddle in the play pool. They had a short play in the park but their eyes kept darting to the paddling pool so I put them back into their paint splattered clothes as they had changed into fresh wear after art group. Within seconds they were fully emerged in the water. Running hard, making sure to splash & kick enough to make themselves soaked instantly. They had the pool to themselves at times, it wasnt busy at all even in the park which after the hectic hoilidays was so calming. I read my book with an eye cast on the bubbas & started secretlky taking photos as Darcey often clams up if I ask her to smile for a photo. Her confident happy face just has my heart spilling over. She is so darm gorgeous. Jaspers run is so fast now & threatens to overtake Darcey who is very proud of her strength in speed. They are my little cheetahs. So wild & happy* Best day <3

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