Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Darling Studley

My gorgeous lil man is just such a star. He has taken to full time school days so impeccably. He is so comfortable in the routine of school & even though he's been a tad grumpy at times from feeling so tired, he just so loves it. He has these adorable ways, saying goodbye to his favourite friends ten times each afternoon, walking to school swinging on my hand gently & excitedly chatting all about his previous day & now he comes home with a book each day. They are wordless so he gets to follow the story by pictures & has really made a show of sitting me down to read to me. He is so curious of the title & spells the letters out to me. These are lilac coloured books which he is very proud of & makes my heart melt. He read to great nanny & auntie Ju yesterday. A book about a butterfly, a bee, a spider & lots of flowers, he was scaring us with the spider hidden in the flower. He read this story with his teacher & told her he'd been stung by a bee before haha cheeky little liar!! He has struggled a little with the morning routine being quite strict & as he’s tired I’ve not woken him early but he wants a chance to play even for ten minutes so Im going to get him a little alarm clock. He would enjoy that more as he gets so grumpy if I wake him haha* I made him a little craft organizer so each morning he has picture cars of what he’s to do & he moves it from the ‘do it’ slot to the ‘done’. He is so excited by this so again hopefully this encourages a great morning routine for him. He is just incredible being so adaptable & confident. My lil superstar* Im so ridiculously proud. 

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