Wednesday, 3 September 2014

last weekend* been too long again

My bubba boy of just four rode his bike with no stabilizers a couple of weeks ago. With summer holidays coming to a close & school so so imminent I havent had time again to post but I was so so excited & proud. I didnt get many pics but I got the cutest video of him near on crashing & daddy saving him & also my mind on repeat showing me his lil beaming face as I ran alongside him peddling slow but balanced & so incredible for literally just getting on his bike, stabilizers off & full of life & energy being a lil super star* Within an hour he had mastered the pedals, brakes & balance amazingly. Oh im so so proud. Its the first time we saw Darcey ride amazingly to. She told us she has never ridden without stabilizers too bless her & so we were cheering & praising her even though Im very sure she has a bike at her mums she rides solo. hehe . Lil love* So lovely we were joined by my gorge buddy Kate & her hubbs & cherubs Olivia & Halle. Olivia got to meet Chloe & Bonnie my mamas horses & sit on them for photos. She is such a beauty & so funny. Thats her in the video saying "Go go Jaspey" <3 Love her* Jasper kept calling her Halle & Livi kept calling Darcey "Barcey"!! haha. Such a brilliant fun & energeticly gorge friend who plays so nicely with both my angels. Halle is teeny tiny, not even one, she had snuggles on Garys lap at bedtime & made me so broody haha* Such perfect playdates with this beaut family :):) perfect Sunday**

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