Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Jasper Casey is FOUR*

Such an emotional day for me. Each year his birthday reminds me of the most cherished baby days when he first born & when we welcomed him in to the world. I look back with the proudest heart filled with the most happiness a mama could ever desire. There are just no words adequate enough to describe my overwhelming unreal love for my baby boy. My big boy today. Happiest birthday wishes, kisses & dreams are the footprint of our day today. So inspoired & fueled by love & happiness to celebrate this amazingly special day, July 29th when our world became fuller, stronger, warmer & kinder. 
Jasper woke with huge smiles & instantly wanted to be measured against me to see if he had grown. He believes he has grown overnight from my belly button to my boobies!! Such a funny lil character.  So charming, strong & endearing. Curious & fun. Happy, positive & so so so edibly cute I want to bite his cheeks way too often haha!! There is no toddler chunk left on his body. He is lean, strong & so so healthy, such a wonder. I still cannot believe my body warmed his tiny growing body for nine months to create just such a perfect lil human. His dimples in his cheeks just like mine, his chin exactly like daddys & my favourite kissing spot. His tushy is perfection, lil ant bum just like his papa. The dimples in his back, the moles popping up on his body & the freckles on his face just like his sissys. Oh my he is perfect. Just amazing*
Over this past year from three to four the changes have been huge. Better more controlled running, amazing speech, inquisitive questions daily & brilliant skills learning & writing. Desperately trying to read words & pointing out text in a poster "L o v e Mummy, for love"
Such a clever bean. So far from a baby or toddler. I really do need to stop thinking of him as my sweet baby now. I am so in awe of my boy every single day. His bursting bright character & adorable face just makes me who I am. He is my world, my everything & I couldnt feel more blessed to be this cherubs Mama.  Happiest birthday wishes Jasper Casey. You have the most gorgeous heart. We are all so in love with you. Our big boy. Turns four :):):) 143


Saturday, 26 July 2014

beach days*

Summer has definatly blessed us this year. We have gorgeous sun brightening each day just now & our Sussex town has been filled with flowers blooming along the coastline, the pier has been updated & has a new cafe on the end & the area right by our home just two minutes away has the new pool, a new splash zone & a fab cafe with amazing coffee & croissants :):) essential for those all to hot days. We have spent a many a day since June at the beach, building castles & splashing in the sea, spending great quality time with Bella & my good friend Helen & her cherubs Eddie & Lilly warmed by sunshine. Ice cream the size of their lil heads & crisps crunched with sand. These days are just awesome, but dare I say it exhausting. I love the sun, but I do hate the heat. When the tide is out its the best as we can splash safer & the water always seems so much warmer haha. Just yesterday the tide went so far out so Jasper & I walkwd underneath the pier. We found mussels & barnacles attachd to the piers structure & two crabs (one was not moving though ;/) hehe & a sea snail & mini fishes. We also saw a man digging for worms so Jasper fully understood then that the wiggly patterns in the sand really are actual worms & mummy wasnt lying!! We met my nan & auntie for a beach walk & dinner & it was so nice. Jasper splashed in the surf with Merlin & felt strong & grown up chucking his ball for him. Too cute* We love Summer <3 143

New Forest-Sandy Balls

My mama is just the most gorge. She invited Jasper & I to the New Forest with her & my pops (& their dog Roxy-Jaspeys besty) for a mini break the week after our amazing trip to Cornwall. We are a very lucky pair :):) We went in their camper van to Sandy Balls resort. After finding our pitch we explored & stocked up on some food supplies including a huge bag of pick a mix thanks to my daddeo & paid for our bike hire for the next day. After a play in the park & soft play zone we went for a swim in the on-site pool. The outdoor pool was freezing but in the indoor pool Jasper was ecstatic showing off his confidence in the water & eager to learn to swim again like we have done at home. Using a noodle to float at first & then being so brave & jumping off the steps into my arms. He then decided he wanted to go under water & swim like he had tried at our local pool. He'd done this before & then had scared himself after rolling & spluttering for breath. But with Nana cheering him on also he was incredible. Kicking off & 'swimming' back to surface. Me or my mum catching him each time. His giggles consuming him even in the water of occasion making him snort water & giggle even more. Such a beaut this lil angel. Always so much fun & so positively happy. We were treated to dinner in a lovely restaurant & had a lovely chilled evening under the stars reading whilst Jasper slept off his busy day. The camper is so cosey & the bed Jasper & I shared is above the boot, all snug & warm. He especially loved he had to climb a ladder to get up to it. The nest day we head out on our hire bikes for a ride around the forest tracks. Jasper & Roxy were in a trailer attached to my bike, it was hilarious fun but bloody hot & the hills were unbelievably hard with the extra weight on my bike & not being at my fittest of late. My mum bless her hadn’t been on a bike in years but done so good, enjoying the gorgeous landscape & views. We went straight into the cold outdoor pool on return & again Jasper was a champ under water & getting more skilled & aware of how to really swim. I think lessons are soon to be in order for sure. We had another lovely meal out & found the big adventure park which Jasper loved. We rode around the resort just me & bubbs too being silly & Jasper lounging in his child trailer enjoying being transported around. The last day was spent in the camper on the road exploring New Forest towns & eating amazing New Forest ice cream. We walked paths alongside forest horses & drove past hurds of cows on the road causing traffic jams haha. It was such a lovely break away & we were both spoilt so much by my parents. It was so truly lovely to spend a huge amount of time with them as moving out of home you rarely get that time again. My ma ais so generous & sweet, trying to spoil me at all times. I know they also so enjoyed feeling young again in Jaspers company, Dad taking over & going to the park with Jasper each day so us girlies could chat & read our magazines. Mum being so amazing with bubb in the pool & so ridiculously happy at seeing my grown up boy doing big boy things. I see how proud they are & that just melts my heart. 143 Mummy & Daddy <3 I love you beyond measure

Friday, 25 July 2014

preschool graduate

My dear sweet Jasper Casey is now officially in his own words a big, big boy. A big boy ready for school in a few weeks time. Too soon for Mama but so so exciting for this cherub. He had his last day last Tuesday as we were away from Wednesday with my parents in the New Forest. I greeted him on his last day with 'well done' balloons & a gift as Im just so overwhelmingly proud of my sonShine. My auntie Juli, her pup Merlin & Bella came to see him too. I was a bit too emotional as were some of his teachers saying goodbye. They have been so so good to him at Rainy days & he has enjoyed every single day here. We spent the afternoon at the park & beach spoiling bubbs with sweets & a few ice lollies :):) I just cannot believe we are here. I know Ive said it before but truthfully I have been really struggling with the new changes & the realisation that really everything changes so much more for me than anyone else. Jasper will so enjoy his school, Im so sure of this & so secure in this. It is my positivity when I feel low about missing him & being apart. He has understood rules & guidance for pre school & will relish school fun & learning for sure. But for me, sorting a schedule to suit Jaspers schooling around my job has proven too difficult. So for now I will work when I can on bank hours. I cannot even concentrate on sorting anything else & a new job for now seems too stressful to conceive as I feel so anxious already. Im so lucky that my Mr has been so amazing in supporting me & helping to relax in the knowledge that I will sort a better schedule for myself once Jasper is settled in his first term. I will look forward to 3pm like never before & know our adventures aren’t to end but I will definitely miss the spontaneous nature we have encouraged over the last four years. For now, we are so going to enjoy the summer holidays in spoilt all-consuming fun & adventure. 143

Cornwall 14'

After meeting with Matty, my twinny & I's childhood besty, we have desperately wanted to see her & her darlings again. So Bella & I decided an impromptu visit was in store as a treat to ourselves for our birthday. I looked into accommodation & we found the most gorgeous mini break space ever. A converted beach hut right on the beach,  in Tolcarne Beach, Newquay** We travelled down on Wednesday 9th (blog siesta again ;/) & head all the way to Landsend taking in the breath-taking sights & visiting the Minack Theatre in Porthcurno, Penzance. Both absolutely stunning & magical to visit. I was in awe with the colour of the sea, the sun shining, making everything more beautiful & the water sparkle. The drive was so much fun, Jasper was a diamond & slept a little of the way & was such a good boy the rest. Bella & I listened to our fave music & chat nonstop. It was such an adventure with my favourites. After Landsend we head for our beach hut. It was incredible from the get go. The view onto the beach from the reception tower was much like Bondi & instantly had us excited & eager to explore. Settling into our hut we then set off to Mattys home in St Dennis. It was an awesome evening seeing them all again & meeting Mattys love. Such a gorge family** HalleMay & Jasper hit off as easy as their first meet & played all evening. Jasper exclaiming on our drive home that Halle is his best girlfriend but not his girlfriend & that she is as strong as him so he knows now girls can be strong too. Cooper was so attached to Bella. Funniest lil dude ever. He has a penchant of sauntering around wearing nothing but his welly boots, he walks with such oomph & has this head of blonde, beautiful curls. The bestest lil love, just such a gorge boy. When we got back to Tolcarne we three explored the beach with the tide out, caves deep & sun setting taking tons of photos :):) Perfection :) 

Thursday we met in the morning early & set of to the Eden Project. It such a beautiful place <3 (from the net; Eden is a place where visitors can explore their dependency on the natural world and get inspiration on adapting their lives to preserve and enrich the environment.) Brilliant day & experience oh & cornish icecream, yumm!! Matty & Halle stayed with us for the evening in the beach hut & we had a huge food selection from Tesco with cider & champagne haha!! We ran past the stones, seaweed & hundreds of mini washed up jelly fish to the shoreline, playing in the surf at sunset & exploring the beach again. We didnt sleep til really late talking of days & experiences we hadnt known for the past 14 years. Halle & Jaspey woke early, playing on the beach instantly & running like loons laughing. We had coffee after checking out of the hut. Gutted knowing our time together was over for now. It was such a magical three days as after we parted Bella, Jaspey & I head for St Ives beach & had a couple of hours tan time. It was idealistically sunny & warm, Cornwall is by far one of the greatest places I have travelled. Gorgeous homes throughout from town houses to darling little cottages with hanging baskets & they have honesty boxes whilst selling flowers, fruit & veg along road sides. The land is beautifully grown & kept, the beaches are stunning & the sea surrounding Cornwall is greeny blue luscious. So so incredible. Also on our way home we road side visited Stonehenge after we missed opening time. Being with my bestest most soulful bubbas & then with our gorgeous friend was just bliss. Cannot wait for next years holiday away** 143 <3 Matty <3 HalleMay <3 Cooper <3

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


We have had such a lovely week with my birthday celebrations & I was so so spoilt by my boys & family. Only upset being I didnt get to see Ducky at all. I spent the day on the beach with some amazing friends & Bella (my twin sissy) celebrating our 29th together sunbathing & enjoying the great weather. Bella had already treated me to a Lil Mix concert & fun night out so i wasnt expecting more gifts but she also gave me the most inspiring, incredible gift ever. She got our word, Namaste, tattooed under her heart especially for me. I was blown away & teared up straight away. It was such an emotionally gorgeous thoughtful gift idea. I adore it so much that we are matching now after I got myself inked too this weekend :):) I just adore my twinny so so much as does Jaspey & Darcey. She is just amazing with them & so giving. She hands out love so eagerly & I just adore her huge heart & amazing stunning prescence. My heartbeats have then spoilt me with a spa trip with Bella, a trip away to Cornwall to see our dear friend Matty & her home town & lots of lovely vintage bits & my awesome Q&A journal & some much desired books :)
The next day we went to the beach also but as the tide was in we then head for Splashpoint swimming pool & the outdoor pool was open so Jasper & I had a great time being silly in the pool & as it was so shallow I could sit out in the sunshine on a lounger & watch beside the pool. His lil cherub face was so adorable, his chin bobbing above the water, crawling along on his hands & splashing through the water falls. He went inside once to go down the big slide & as he is so confident & eager I let him go up the steps alone as I can see him all the way to the top & tell him when its okay to go. So off he went & I was waiting with a huge grin to see his face but after 10 seconds gettin panicky that he still hadnt come down, then he rounded the corner squeeking along on his butt pushing himself along the sides. I was laughing so so much* He was so confused why he wasnt gliding down. Just the funniest ever**Such a brilliant afternoon & after we went for a dinner date & chat about how brilliant his big boy school will be. This special time is just immense to me & I do love Gary so for being such a brilliant man, working so very hard for our family so I can be there for Jasper & he can enjoy so much & have great adventures. I know I can do all these activities even when he goes to school but it just is such a change, I still am consumed by nervous energy. I have been Mama for so long I dont know how to be anything different in the schedule of stud being at school & I know I will just crave half terms & inset days :(:( 143

Science fun

I am truly spoiling Jasper with all my attention & activities each day we get that is spent as mama & Jasper time. Im so invested in enjoying all our alone time & making it as fun as can be for him as this is the last few weeks of him being a carefree child in the sense of no schedule that is a strict as school for the next ten years :/:/ He has his first settle in session at Lyndhurst on my birthday & he loved it. He was acting a little shy & nervous as we walked in the school even though the walk down he was shouting his excitement, skipping & jumping & shouting "Yes big boy Jasper!!" He walked in with his named sticker on & was away. I called Gary in tears & then joined other mummy & daddys for coffee & a chat which was nice. Jasper came out complaining he wanted to stay longer haha!! Bless him! Oh wowsa, anyhow. So Tuesday afternoon last week we spent hours out on the lawn painting, colouring & doing some pretty cool science experiments. We blew blue & green bubbles in soapy water, made fizzing volcano explosions & made crackling coloured ice. He so loved being super hands on with me telling him each step & letting him get fully involved as all the ingrediants were safe & we were on the grass not indoors. He also enjoyed some messy play with shave foam, describing to me the playzone he set up was his army men stuck in a spiders web & the salt was a snow mountain his army tuck was descending to rescue his team!! So sweet**143


Sticky hands & stained clothes are a must have from a great adventure!!