Saturday, 26 July 2014

New Forest-Sandy Balls

My mama is just the most gorge. She invited Jasper & I to the New Forest with her & my pops (& their dog Roxy-Jaspeys besty) for a mini break the week after our amazing trip to Cornwall. We are a very lucky pair :):) We went in their camper van to Sandy Balls resort. After finding our pitch we explored & stocked up on some food supplies including a huge bag of pick a mix thanks to my daddeo & paid for our bike hire for the next day. After a play in the park & soft play zone we went for a swim in the on-site pool. The outdoor pool was freezing but in the indoor pool Jasper was ecstatic showing off his confidence in the water & eager to learn to swim again like we have done at home. Using a noodle to float at first & then being so brave & jumping off the steps into my arms. He then decided he wanted to go under water & swim like he had tried at our local pool. He'd done this before & then had scared himself after rolling & spluttering for breath. But with Nana cheering him on also he was incredible. Kicking off & 'swimming' back to surface. Me or my mum catching him each time. His giggles consuming him even in the water of occasion making him snort water & giggle even more. Such a beaut this lil angel. Always so much fun & so positively happy. We were treated to dinner in a lovely restaurant & had a lovely chilled evening under the stars reading whilst Jasper slept off his busy day. The camper is so cosey & the bed Jasper & I shared is above the boot, all snug & warm. He especially loved he had to climb a ladder to get up to it. The nest day we head out on our hire bikes for a ride around the forest tracks. Jasper & Roxy were in a trailer attached to my bike, it was hilarious fun but bloody hot & the hills were unbelievably hard with the extra weight on my bike & not being at my fittest of late. My mum bless her hadn’t been on a bike in years but done so good, enjoying the gorgeous landscape & views. We went straight into the cold outdoor pool on return & again Jasper was a champ under water & getting more skilled & aware of how to really swim. I think lessons are soon to be in order for sure. We had another lovely meal out & found the big adventure park which Jasper loved. We rode around the resort just me & bubbs too being silly & Jasper lounging in his child trailer enjoying being transported around. The last day was spent in the camper on the road exploring New Forest towns & eating amazing New Forest ice cream. We walked paths alongside forest horses & drove past hurds of cows on the road causing traffic jams haha. It was such a lovely break away & we were both spoilt so much by my parents. It was so truly lovely to spend a huge amount of time with them as moving out of home you rarely get that time again. My ma ais so generous & sweet, trying to spoil me at all times. I know they also so enjoyed feeling young again in Jaspers company, Dad taking over & going to the park with Jasper each day so us girlies could chat & read our magazines. Mum being so amazing with bubb in the pool & so ridiculously happy at seeing my grown up boy doing big boy things. I see how proud they are & that just melts my heart. 143 Mummy & Daddy <3 I love you beyond measure

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