Saturday, 26 July 2014

beach days*

Summer has definatly blessed us this year. We have gorgeous sun brightening each day just now & our Sussex town has been filled with flowers blooming along the coastline, the pier has been updated & has a new cafe on the end & the area right by our home just two minutes away has the new pool, a new splash zone & a fab cafe with amazing coffee & croissants :):) essential for those all to hot days. We have spent a many a day since June at the beach, building castles & splashing in the sea, spending great quality time with Bella & my good friend Helen & her cherubs Eddie & Lilly warmed by sunshine. Ice cream the size of their lil heads & crisps crunched with sand. These days are just awesome, but dare I say it exhausting. I love the sun, but I do hate the heat. When the tide is out its the best as we can splash safer & the water always seems so much warmer haha. Just yesterday the tide went so far out so Jasper & I walkwd underneath the pier. We found mussels & barnacles attachd to the piers structure & two crabs (one was not moving though ;/) hehe & a sea snail & mini fishes. We also saw a man digging for worms so Jasper fully understood then that the wiggly patterns in the sand really are actual worms & mummy wasnt lying!! We met my nan & auntie for a beach walk & dinner & it was so nice. Jasper splashed in the surf with Merlin & felt strong & grown up chucking his ball for him. Too cute* We love Summer <3 143

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