Tuesday, 8 July 2014


We have had such a lovely week with my birthday celebrations & I was so so spoilt by my boys & family. Only upset being I didnt get to see Ducky at all. I spent the day on the beach with some amazing friends & Bella (my twin sissy) celebrating our 29th together sunbathing & enjoying the great weather. Bella had already treated me to a Lil Mix concert & fun night out so i wasnt expecting more gifts but she also gave me the most inspiring, incredible gift ever. She got our word, Namaste, tattooed under her heart especially for me. I was blown away & teared up straight away. It was such an emotionally gorgeous thoughtful gift idea. I adore it so much that we are matching now after I got myself inked too this weekend :):) I just adore my twinny so so much as does Jaspey & Darcey. She is just amazing with them & so giving. She hands out love so eagerly & I just adore her huge heart & amazing stunning prescence. My heartbeats have then spoilt me with a spa trip with Bella, a trip away to Cornwall to see our dear friend Matty & her home town & lots of lovely vintage bits & my awesome Q&A journal & some much desired books :)
The next day we went to the beach also but as the tide was in we then head for Splashpoint swimming pool & the outdoor pool was open so Jasper & I had a great time being silly in the pool & as it was so shallow I could sit out in the sunshine on a lounger & watch beside the pool. His lil cherub face was so adorable, his chin bobbing above the water, crawling along on his hands & splashing through the water falls. He went inside once to go down the big slide & as he is so confident & eager I let him go up the steps alone as I can see him all the way to the top & tell him when its okay to go. So off he went & I was waiting with a huge grin to see his face but after 10 seconds gettin panicky that he still hadnt come down, then he rounded the corner squeeking along on his butt pushing himself along the sides. I was laughing so so much* He was so confused why he wasnt gliding down. Just the funniest ever**Such a brilliant afternoon & after we went for a dinner date & chat about how brilliant his big boy school will be. This special time is just immense to me & I do love Gary so for being such a brilliant man, working so very hard for our family so I can be there for Jasper & he can enjoy so much & have great adventures. I know I can do all these activities even when he goes to school but it just is such a change, I still am consumed by nervous energy. I have been Mama for so long I dont know how to be anything different in the schedule of stud being at school & I know I will just crave half terms & inset days :(:( 143

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