Friday, 25 July 2014

Cornwall 14'

After meeting with Matty, my twinny & I's childhood besty, we have desperately wanted to see her & her darlings again. So Bella & I decided an impromptu visit was in store as a treat to ourselves for our birthday. I looked into accommodation & we found the most gorgeous mini break space ever. A converted beach hut right on the beach,  in Tolcarne Beach, Newquay** We travelled down on Wednesday 9th (blog siesta again ;/) & head all the way to Landsend taking in the breath-taking sights & visiting the Minack Theatre in Porthcurno, Penzance. Both absolutely stunning & magical to visit. I was in awe with the colour of the sea, the sun shining, making everything more beautiful & the water sparkle. The drive was so much fun, Jasper was a diamond & slept a little of the way & was such a good boy the rest. Bella & I listened to our fave music & chat nonstop. It was such an adventure with my favourites. After Landsend we head for our beach hut. It was incredible from the get go. The view onto the beach from the reception tower was much like Bondi & instantly had us excited & eager to explore. Settling into our hut we then set off to Mattys home in St Dennis. It was an awesome evening seeing them all again & meeting Mattys love. Such a gorge family** HalleMay & Jasper hit off as easy as their first meet & played all evening. Jasper exclaiming on our drive home that Halle is his best girlfriend but not his girlfriend & that she is as strong as him so he knows now girls can be strong too. Cooper was so attached to Bella. Funniest lil dude ever. He has a penchant of sauntering around wearing nothing but his welly boots, he walks with such oomph & has this head of blonde, beautiful curls. The bestest lil love, just such a gorge boy. When we got back to Tolcarne we three explored the beach with the tide out, caves deep & sun setting taking tons of photos :):) Perfection :) 

Thursday we met in the morning early & set of to the Eden Project. It such a beautiful place <3 (from the net; Eden is a place where visitors can explore their dependency on the natural world and get inspiration on adapting their lives to preserve and enrich the environment.) Brilliant day & experience oh & cornish icecream, yumm!! Matty & Halle stayed with us for the evening in the beach hut & we had a huge food selection from Tesco with cider & champagne haha!! We ran past the stones, seaweed & hundreds of mini washed up jelly fish to the shoreline, playing in the surf at sunset & exploring the beach again. We didnt sleep til really late talking of days & experiences we hadnt known for the past 14 years. Halle & Jaspey woke early, playing on the beach instantly & running like loons laughing. We had coffee after checking out of the hut. Gutted knowing our time together was over for now. It was such a magical three days as after we parted Bella, Jaspey & I head for St Ives beach & had a couple of hours tan time. It was idealistically sunny & warm, Cornwall is by far one of the greatest places I have travelled. Gorgeous homes throughout from town houses to darling little cottages with hanging baskets & they have honesty boxes whilst selling flowers, fruit & veg along road sides. The land is beautifully grown & kept, the beaches are stunning & the sea surrounding Cornwall is greeny blue luscious. So so incredible. Also on our way home we road side visited Stonehenge after we missed opening time. Being with my bestest most soulful bubbas & then with our gorgeous friend was just bliss. Cannot wait for next years holiday away** 143 <3 Matty <3 HalleMay <3 Cooper <3

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