Friday, 25 July 2014

preschool graduate

My dear sweet Jasper Casey is now officially in his own words a big, big boy. A big boy ready for school in a few weeks time. Too soon for Mama but so so exciting for this cherub. He had his last day last Tuesday as we were away from Wednesday with my parents in the New Forest. I greeted him on his last day with 'well done' balloons & a gift as Im just so overwhelmingly proud of my sonShine. My auntie Juli, her pup Merlin & Bella came to see him too. I was a bit too emotional as were some of his teachers saying goodbye. They have been so so good to him at Rainy days & he has enjoyed every single day here. We spent the afternoon at the park & beach spoiling bubbs with sweets & a few ice lollies :):) I just cannot believe we are here. I know Ive said it before but truthfully I have been really struggling with the new changes & the realisation that really everything changes so much more for me than anyone else. Jasper will so enjoy his school, Im so sure of this & so secure in this. It is my positivity when I feel low about missing him & being apart. He has understood rules & guidance for pre school & will relish school fun & learning for sure. But for me, sorting a schedule to suit Jaspers schooling around my job has proven too difficult. So for now I will work when I can on bank hours. I cannot even concentrate on sorting anything else & a new job for now seems too stressful to conceive as I feel so anxious already. Im so lucky that my Mr has been so amazing in supporting me & helping to relax in the knowledge that I will sort a better schedule for myself once Jasper is settled in his first term. I will look forward to 3pm like never before & know our adventures aren’t to end but I will definitely miss the spontaneous nature we have encouraged over the last four years. For now, we are so going to enjoy the summer holidays in spoilt all-consuming fun & adventure. 143

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