Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Jasper Casey is FOUR*

Such an emotional day for me. Each year his birthday reminds me of the most cherished baby days when he first born & when we welcomed him in to the world. I look back with the proudest heart filled with the most happiness a mama could ever desire. There are just no words adequate enough to describe my overwhelming unreal love for my baby boy. My big boy today. Happiest birthday wishes, kisses & dreams are the footprint of our day today. So inspoired & fueled by love & happiness to celebrate this amazingly special day, July 29th when our world became fuller, stronger, warmer & kinder. 
Jasper woke with huge smiles & instantly wanted to be measured against me to see if he had grown. He believes he has grown overnight from my belly button to my boobies!! Such a funny lil character.  So charming, strong & endearing. Curious & fun. Happy, positive & so so so edibly cute I want to bite his cheeks way too often haha!! There is no toddler chunk left on his body. He is lean, strong & so so healthy, such a wonder. I still cannot believe my body warmed his tiny growing body for nine months to create just such a perfect lil human. His dimples in his cheeks just like mine, his chin exactly like daddys & my favourite kissing spot. His tushy is perfection, lil ant bum just like his papa. The dimples in his back, the moles popping up on his body & the freckles on his face just like his sissys. Oh my he is perfect. Just amazing*
Over this past year from three to four the changes have been huge. Better more controlled running, amazing speech, inquisitive questions daily & brilliant skills learning & writing. Desperately trying to read words & pointing out text in a poster "L o v e Mummy, for love"
Such a clever bean. So far from a baby or toddler. I really do need to stop thinking of him as my sweet baby now. I am so in awe of my boy every single day. His bursting bright character & adorable face just makes me who I am. He is my world, my everything & I couldnt feel more blessed to be this cherubs Mama.  Happiest birthday wishes Jasper Casey. You have the most gorgeous heart. We are all so in love with you. Our big boy. Turns four :):):) 143

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