Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Lion King

Jaspers birthday week was so perfect. His actual birthday we were able to have Darcey stay & so i took them both to their favourites in London. Science & History museum. They just cannot get enough of the Science museum play areas & Ducky was so interested in all the displays this time round. Asking me to explain what certain attractions were that she was intriqued by. She especially loved the mineral & jewel collections in the History museum. Such a magpie like me :):) Jasper was so spoilt with gifts & love from the Sunday before his birthday right through to this weekend. Lucky boy has so many that adore him & want to give to him & make him smile. I love that* I love their love for him. Evem my twinnys mum in law got him gifts. Just so sweet*
My mummys gift to me & Jasper for our birthdays was show tickets to see the Lion King in Southampton with my sissys & herself included. It was such a brilliant amazing day* I have seen the show in London before twice so knew what to expect & was super excited to see Jaspers face when the animals walked alongside him down the aisles to the stage. I was in tears straight away (lump in throat now too haha) as the Circle of Life rang in our ears as these amazing crafted animals walked by. Jaspers face was incredible, lit up, in awe & beaming. I found it hard to compose myself remembering the time Id sat watching this show with my nanny, my awesome beautiful nanny far away. Circle of life lyrics ringing so true & stabbing my heart with love & heartache all at once. The emotions these shows provoke are so intense & powerful. Jasper laughed at Timone & Pumba & was a tad scared of Scar. He danced happily to Hakuna Matata, he got so into it & was jigging on my lap most of the show. He sat so well & entertained for almost three hours. Such a beaut boy** Truly loved his first show & now he wants to see Charlie & the chocolate factory so maybe Christmas idea :):) 143

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