Wednesday, 20 August 2014

this day i love*

Today was incredible. Chores were still finished & errands run but within the busyness was heaps of belly laughter, imaginative play at its funniest, american accents, messy play, art, craft, puzzles, learning books, hallway maze & two insanely happy cherubs. They woke up so excited for playtime, Ducky then having to leave for a dance recital with her mum, then back again to the string maze looped & crossing the hallway. They played Transformers within this zone & made me giggle with their accents following the movie dialogue. Whilst i set up their messy play station they drew & coloured with water colour pencils, painting water on their creations with glee & amazement at the spread of colour. All the while they chatted so easily, no competition, no wars. They have been the best of friends all day everyday since Saturday, appreciating their time together is so very precious. They have made me so proud in their beauty & love for one another today. They played so well, Ducky teaching Studley new words & ways of play. She encouraged his eating at dinner after he started to lull after the busy day. The way she speaks to him is stunning. All sympathetic to his youth that she understands. He wants to be as strong & fast as her, but she explains her years on him & eases his upsets. God i just love these amazing cherubs so very very muchly. 
Messy play in the garden was sticky, fun & yummy* Icecream, jelly, choc mint balls & marshmallows. Incredible. I am so very blessed. I hope these sweet angels feel the same too. We as a together family are just what dreams are made of* Im so proud for that xx 143
this day <3<3<3
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