Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Our Spring wall has been up for a few weeks now & we have added a few bits. We have mainly been reading our new books from my gorge mama. Learning about different countries & what animals live there & the way to say hello in that country thanks to the little bear cards in Yoyo swirl snacks the bubbas love. We have taken a while but finally have a paper mache Earth hanging in time for Earth day yesterday. It was made by us all with me doing the final painting of green countries. Im such a perfectionist so tried to copy a globe as best I could hehe!! 
We have ticked a few activities off our bucketlist & will be making new art for the wall with Jaspers best buddies Eddie & Lily tommorow. The cherubs art wall in their bedroom has been photographed & will gradually be replaced now with their newest masterpieces. Ducky was so great at her sticker book so she would love to see some of her favourite pages displayed & Jaspers shapes, faces & drawing'writing stretgth has tripled, he has such a great sturdy hand now & loves all art. He gets so proud of himself too :) bloody beaut. He has been accepted officially to Lyndhurst First School to start in September so takes great pride in being a big boy. He can spell a few words & loves sitting there saying words for a letter I give him. "F for food, T for towel & P for Poo mummy!!" Haha. Best boy* We are struggling with being so uninvolved in Darceys schooling & although we create learning oppurtunities for her & play spelling bee which makes her beam with pride when she gets them all right, we just have no idea of her actual abilities & strengths. Hopefully we can go to a parent evening this term with her new school <3 
We had a lovely day yesterday playing with my good friend Vikki & her lil stud Damo. We made shave foam Rainbows & Damo loved gettin super silly & splashing in the soapy water. Was very sweet seeing bubbs be so caring & sweet with Damo as hes not yet two & so much smaller. 
I have been poorly today & very bored as Jaspey was on his long day in pre school so I made him a camera out of an egg box. I saw the idea on by the lovely Along came Cherry & hers was a lot better than my attempt but Jasper adores his & I have had his lil buddy Henrys mama asking for one for Henry too haha* What else ...well Jasper had a really bad running fall yesterday. Ive never ever seen him cry really hard from actually being in pain so that was very scary & he was running so well it happened so fast. He has major bruising going on today but he says he doesnt need a plaster as hes brave & big :):) 143*

Sunset walk

My pops was over on Sunday when I had to say goodbye to Ducky as half term was coming to an end & she was due home. Its always too hard & I was so upset once she had left. Dad suggested we went for a walk on the pier as the new Pier Cafe opened this weekend & as the sun was setting it was a pretty magical time to chill out & regain strength with a dam good cup of coffee. Jasper was so excited to be out at sunset & a little overtired but so funny & silly. The cafe was so pretty & Im quite care free after conquering my fears of the pier with its see through planks looking down into the sea, still a little bleurgh but hey :) Jasper kept lying flat on the floor with his nose poking through the gaps explaining he had seen sharks & green fish galore haha* We then went into the arcade. Jasper was in 2p heaven & my dad treated me to a pound of pennies haha. We won loads of tokens & Jaspers face seeing all these tickets come through was priceless. When we got over 200 tickets we went to pick a prize. He chose a red yoyo, a lollipop & sweeties. He was so happy & then we found a machine that you win a teddy every time. It was the grab type machine that you NEVER win on so when Jasper steering caught a teddy for his sissy he was shouting so loud "I won i won". Just perfection!! 143

Monday, 21 April 2014

Flower crafts

Jasper has been really interested in all the flowers that have been blossoming around our area, the daisys in the garden &  seing all the bouquets in shops. He asks what there names are for each one & we have got Sweetpeas to grow on our windowsill. Will see how that goes though as Im terrible at growing flowers hehe. We went into the garden last week to pick a few flowers & realised we actually have a huge variety growing. Inside we used sticky back sheets to create pressed flower suncatchers to hang in the window. I saw this blogged  here on Artful Parent. We didnt do egg shaped as Jasper is all about squares & rectangles just now & decided his own shapes hehe. It would have def worked better had we of pressed the flowers for a few days to be honest but bubba was so excited for a new activity that we just went ahead. They hung in the window just one day as in the morning they were ruined with liquid from the flowers misting up bubbas art but he didnt seam fussed at all & we enjoyed the activity so thats what counts. I will definatly be trying this with Ducky also but we will press the prettys first, she has way more patience bless her :):) 143 

Easter Family day xx

We had our Easter day on the Saturday between Good Friday & Easter Sunday as Ducky was due home tonight. We had such a brilliant day preparing food for a BBQ & we had made a competition of an Easter cake bake off. I made battenburg that was such a disaster but set off the amazing laughter for the whole day! I didnt come last though as my brother submitted a slice of bread with a tomato & mustard with eggs in a nest decore on top hahahaaa!! The men played football with the bubbas whilst I set about hiding mini Lindt & Kinder eggs, big Kinders, chocolate animals & bunnys & carrots for the angels. I scattered mini foiled eggs in all colours amongst the grass on the downs area by my mamas fields. The sun was so shiny & sparkling the wrappings making it easier for the cherubs to see. Jasper had such a hard time finding them as they were small but he just wanted to look everywhere within a second he was so so excited haha. They were so gorgeously spoilt with new books & heaps of chocolate & also new lego & power ranger toys from amazing Auntie Jojo. They are so lucky & I cant say enough how blessed we are to have such an incredible family, their Nanna & Pops, aunties & uncles love then so so muchies. Its amazing** 143. 
Happy Easter :):)

Water fight*

Its been so lovely & sunny of late so I decided on a relaxing day in that we would head outside in the garden with an army of toys & our sensory playtub. I filled it with soapy warm water & shave foam in the other side. The bubbas had a picnic before they got down to some imaginative play together, me & a friend enjoying a coffee & giggles watching these beauty cherubs. Darcey has been so confident & happy, shining light & positivity in each day & its been amazing to see her & Jaspeys relationship develop as he is growing & making choices in play etc also. They play for hours so easily, they just are so consumed by a game made in their sweet little minds. Jasper has also really picked up speed when running so they love having a run around crazy five. Anyhow all of a sudden Ducky started pouring lil cups of water all over herself, Jaspey chucked some at her & she laughed so loud & so a water fight was born. A huge, giggly, soapy water fight** It was so fun to watch & the photos I shot are priceless. Bubba looked so darn pretty. She just breaks my heart how beautiful her smile is when she is so content & truly at ease & happy. Jaspers laugh face is just too stunning! Love these beauts far too much. After a quick change once the fight finished they then played knights & horses in the longer grass & daisys in their onsies & then it was back inside for their new sticker books. They both amazed me with their concentration & skill at carefully putting the stickers in place & Jasper especially was so proud as he has always struggled with stickers as a left handed bubb.

Sunday, 20 April 2014


Last week was just the most incredible, happy, overwhelming week for me. My darling boy got to meet my truest friends within days of each other. Friends I have loved so dearly but who live in different towns, different countries. One childhood friend lives in Cornwall now & my Aussie family the Frenchies live in Paris & a town at the bottom of the french alps that I definatly cannot pronounce let alone spell. It was just incredible* So easy, like we had never been apart. Matty (Samantha) mine & my twin sissys childhood bestest friend is a mummy of two now, Halle May & Cooper. Such beautiful blondies with the most confident, happy smiles. Last time we saw Matty she was fourteen & we were chavvy naughty girls in high school haha. We had the nost amazing times as youngsters with weekly sleepovers, swimming, dancing & singing, code letters, boyfriend swaps & adventures galore. It was just so lovely as chat easily flowed & Jasper & Halle had an instant ease playing. By the end Jasper declared his love for her. He is smitten :):) We had such a great catch up & even got another playdate a few days later at the park with us drinking coffee & gossiping all over again. Just so amazing & such great new friends for Jasper & Darcey. Even though we do live far away its going to be so lovely meeting again without  fifteen years between us. We would love to visit Cornwall & so many exciting possibilities await now :):) just magic & Matty has not changed one bit, its awesome to know that strong hold we had on each others hearts is still there years and years later. Absolutly amazing seeing her & how we have all grown from the little girlies we remember so well.
The Sunday meet with my dear Frenchies was just so emotional & overwhelming. Again we have all become parents. Eva to Noa, three years old with her partner David & Charlene & David have baby Sacha. Such amazing times. We have been in contact regulary since we went seperate ways in Australia. But seeing them & just hugging those amazing girlies, my absolute soul sisters, was amazing. They met Jasper & Gary & it was just such an awesome day. We spent all afternoon touring Brighton, eating good food by the Royal Pavilion, shopping in Primark (they dont get this shop in France) & going to the seashore, Charlene & David are a five hour drive from a beach so this was huge to them. These peope are by far the most awe inspiring, positive people my soul has ever encountered. They made me feel great to be me, loving me so much & making me family in our Aus home. I had such a huge life change in my journey to Australia, I truly found myself & it was with the help of Eva & Charlene truly. I was so encouraged to just be me, they loved every silly thing about me & are brutally honest but so fair & sweet. The kindest hearts in my most amazing friends. I love them so much* Its crazy how much I feel for them. The connection between us all that day was incredible. The four boys got on so well even with the language barrier, they speak English so well but have not kept up with their learnings & on top of that we speak so fast :) Jasper adored boys time whilst we shopped & has told Darcey all about the two Davids & mummys friends. The most incredible week & Im still on such a blissful high. We are also planning a trip to Charlene & Davids home in August & I just cannot wait. Je'taime belle, grande bisous <3<3<3 143

Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter half term

We have had such a great week with Ducky here to stay for seven nights. Hubbs was of also for a few days & we have had such cherished family time visiting Swanbourne lake to feed the ducks, park fun (a different park everyday), dinners out, seaside adventures & ice cream most days with the weather being so warm :):) We have so enjoyed such peaceful, easy days with our cherubs. Its so easy to have fun & be silly surrounded by such love. Lil miss has been such a sweetheart, so cuddly & loving & just so happy to be with us longer than two days. Its really shown us how secure she feels knowing she doesnt have a rushed stay each week. 
We have adored the film Frozen watching it most evenings at dinner time for giggles & singing. We all love it & Oluf is just the sweetest thing ever so new toys are 'needed' for birthdays apparently haha. So blessed & so happy. We have made our paper mache maracas & painted them. Our Spring wall is getting fuller & our plants are being kept well. We have had silly water fun in the kitchen sink, lots of sandcastle building & reading & learning with new Usborne learning books Nanna got for bubbalubbas. Both babys are so interested in the world & countries on the map. We have been learning all about this for our Spring project* So much fun & love. Perfect family time
143** <3 my darling family <3

Thursday, 10 April 2014

V&A Museum of Childhood

We have had just the most amazing day* We visited a new museum in Bethnal Green, London. Jaspey & I were treated to this lovely day trip by my auntie Juli & Nanny Molly. Jasper's great nanny who is 80 years older than boo :) incredible. The museum was amesome on entry, Trolls & tamagotchi's displayed in cases with al sorts of hand held games adorning the walls. We walked in to the most open plan museum, so full of light & colour. The shop brimming with great souvineers & the cafe with coffee & cake waiting for us. The layout was so different to any of the huge museums as this is more like a showcase specific display. We all had a race up the ramp, Stud won :) then it was explore explore. Me & Juli had the giggles & squeals over all the toys on display we were remembering & that we had. Jasper adored seeing the old aged fire trucks from early 1900's & the amazing train track displays. He rode a hobby horse (a huge one) & was so excited when he saw his idols, Power Rangers in a case with teenage turtles, super heroes Spiderman, Hulk, Wolverine, Batman & Superman. He said the female Superwoman was amazing!! hehe, crushing...There were a few play zones for him as the journey to the museum was so long because my nan was in her wheelchair so underground seemed impossible (as it goes we braved that to get us home & she done incredible walking huge flights of stairs, shes gonna ache tomorrow :( Love you my awesome, pretty Nanny <3) As were on the subject of my nan I know Ive been a tad silly & anxious this week. But i looked at her with my darling boy & just wanted to cry. So happy are these two being giggly & silly together. Him on her lap spinning around the London crowds. She spoilt him with snacks, lunch, special big boy drink & well, huge love. She is so beautiful. For a lady who is 83 years old she is just elegant, pretty & gentle. I just wanna squeeze her up. I love u nanny**
Anyhow soppy mess aside we had such a brilliant day as as the bus journey was such a route we actually got a great sightseeing tour of London. We spotted so many musical fronts with there flashing lights & awesome signs. We passed spectacular old churches converted into apartments but in keeping with the original architecture, the Shard building, Cath Kidston megastore, Hyde park. Just heaps. Its wonderful how in the mad packed city of buildings & homes there are tiny gardens scattered so often with blossoming flowers & hundred year old trees :):) I just am so inspired by such adventures & Jasper just is a sponge. Wanting information on so much of what he sees. Its awesome. He had time in the museum to craft some door hangings, one for him & one for Ducky bless him & then we chose a gift for them both from the shop. He chose a paper oragami bunny wall hanging for our spring wall, a bouncy ball with ribbons hanging from it to create a shooting star & a small foot shaped slinky. Happiest boy ever :) Juli treated him & boo to new funky straw magic cups too. Bubba slept on me all the way home. He has had such a brilliant day :):) 143

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Marble maze

I spent a good few evenings crafting, glueing & building this for my bubbas after they found their marbles in an old bag. It has kept them entertained for ages & daddy linked it with Jasper's car track to make it even more super. It was a whole lot of effort & way harder to make they I had anticipated but being called 'Amazing' is just priceless & seeing them so excited to launch their chosen marbles was just magic. 

The best day*

I just so love easy, peaceful days fueled with energy, inspiration & happiness. Most days Im with my twinny boo it will always be a good day, we act so silly & Jasper gets all embarrassed by our constant silly dancing & singing. He literally cringes** haha. Today was that perfect day of giggles & adventure. Jasper skipped school as he was feeling poorly in the night & was awake alot but come sunrise & after a lie in he was all well again so we decided to head out. It was such a sunny day & blissfully warm. So to the sea we went. After getting some smoothies for the walk we walked the length of the seashore to the seaside wooden park. Its a sandy, fun park with lots for Jasper to climb & swing off. He is like a little monkey just now using his strong arms to pull himself up onto the hardest frames designed for older children. I try to let him be & stay on guard but still trying to enjoy his fearless confidence. We then walked the wooden bridge to the sea & had a little photoshoot moment& a hilarious dance off. Again Jasper looked on cringing & trying to pretend we werent too funny but then bursting into laughter & running away!! They have a tree, plant & wooden sculpture area near the park on the stones of the shore. Jasper was amazed by this & wanted me to read the plaque explaining the design. It was to help conserve water, the trees are pouress & run the water back to the shore, the wood aids evaporation. All very scientific & I love that Jaspey is so interested in everything & the reasons for why it is there, be it a stone on the flor, a beach hut or the dogs being walked along the promenade. We took a lift on the seaside train back to the Lido & met Bella in the car to go food shopping. It was just such an easy day, a lovely time spent with my favourite bestest people with the sun kissing our faces & a giggle in our step. Perfection* 143