Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Family day xx

We had our Easter day on the Saturday between Good Friday & Easter Sunday as Ducky was due home tonight. We had such a brilliant day preparing food for a BBQ & we had made a competition of an Easter cake bake off. I made battenburg that was such a disaster but set off the amazing laughter for the whole day! I didnt come last though as my brother submitted a slice of bread with a tomato & mustard with eggs in a nest decore on top hahahaaa!! The men played football with the bubbas whilst I set about hiding mini Lindt & Kinder eggs, big Kinders, chocolate animals & bunnys & carrots for the angels. I scattered mini foiled eggs in all colours amongst the grass on the downs area by my mamas fields. The sun was so shiny & sparkling the wrappings making it easier for the cherubs to see. Jasper had such a hard time finding them as they were small but he just wanted to look everywhere within a second he was so so excited haha. They were so gorgeously spoilt with new books & heaps of chocolate & also new lego & power ranger toys from amazing Auntie Jojo. They are so lucky & I cant say enough how blessed we are to have such an incredible family, their Nanna & Pops, aunties & uncles love then so so muchies. Its amazing** 143. 
Happy Easter :):)

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