Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The best day*

I just so love easy, peaceful days fueled with energy, inspiration & happiness. Most days Im with my twinny boo it will always be a good day, we act so silly & Jasper gets all embarrassed by our constant silly dancing & singing. He literally cringes** haha. Today was that perfect day of giggles & adventure. Jasper skipped school as he was feeling poorly in the night & was awake alot but come sunrise & after a lie in he was all well again so we decided to head out. It was such a sunny day & blissfully warm. So to the sea we went. After getting some smoothies for the walk we walked the length of the seashore to the seaside wooden park. Its a sandy, fun park with lots for Jasper to climb & swing off. He is like a little monkey just now using his strong arms to pull himself up onto the hardest frames designed for older children. I try to let him be & stay on guard but still trying to enjoy his fearless confidence. We then walked the wooden bridge to the sea & had a little photoshoot moment& a hilarious dance off. Again Jasper looked on cringing & trying to pretend we werent too funny but then bursting into laughter & running away!! They have a tree, plant & wooden sculpture area near the park on the stones of the shore. Jasper was amazed by this & wanted me to read the plaque explaining the design. It was to help conserve water, the trees are pouress & run the water back to the shore, the wood aids evaporation. All very scientific & I love that Jaspey is so interested in everything & the reasons for why it is there, be it a stone on the flor, a beach hut or the dogs being walked along the promenade. We took a lift on the seaside train back to the Lido & met Bella in the car to go food shopping. It was just such an easy day, a lovely time spent with my favourite bestest people with the sun kissing our faces & a giggle in our step. Perfection* 143

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