Sunday, 20 April 2014


Last week was just the most incredible, happy, overwhelming week for me. My darling boy got to meet my truest friends within days of each other. Friends I have loved so dearly but who live in different towns, different countries. One childhood friend lives in Cornwall now & my Aussie family the Frenchies live in Paris & a town at the bottom of the french alps that I definatly cannot pronounce let alone spell. It was just incredible* So easy, like we had never been apart. Matty (Samantha) mine & my twin sissys childhood bestest friend is a mummy of two now, Halle May & Cooper. Such beautiful blondies with the most confident, happy smiles. Last time we saw Matty she was fourteen & we were chavvy naughty girls in high school haha. We had the nost amazing times as youngsters with weekly sleepovers, swimming, dancing & singing, code letters, boyfriend swaps & adventures galore. It was just so lovely as chat easily flowed & Jasper & Halle had an instant ease playing. By the end Jasper declared his love for her. He is smitten :):) We had such a great catch up & even got another playdate a few days later at the park with us drinking coffee & gossiping all over again. Just so amazing & such great new friends for Jasper & Darcey. Even though we do live far away its going to be so lovely meeting again without  fifteen years between us. We would love to visit Cornwall & so many exciting possibilities await now :):) just magic & Matty has not changed one bit, its awesome to know that strong hold we had on each others hearts is still there years and years later. Absolutly amazing seeing her & how we have all grown from the little girlies we remember so well.
The Sunday meet with my dear Frenchies was just so emotional & overwhelming. Again we have all become parents. Eva to Noa, three years old with her partner David & Charlene & David have baby Sacha. Such amazing times. We have been in contact regulary since we went seperate ways in Australia. But seeing them & just hugging those amazing girlies, my absolute soul sisters, was amazing. They met Jasper & Gary & it was just such an awesome day. We spent all afternoon touring Brighton, eating good food by the Royal Pavilion, shopping in Primark (they dont get this shop in France) & going to the seashore, Charlene & David are a five hour drive from a beach so this was huge to them. These peope are by far the most awe inspiring, positive people my soul has ever encountered. They made me feel great to be me, loving me so much & making me family in our Aus home. I had such a huge life change in my journey to Australia, I truly found myself & it was with the help of Eva & Charlene truly. I was so encouraged to just be me, they loved every silly thing about me & are brutally honest but so fair & sweet. The kindest hearts in my most amazing friends. I love them so much* Its crazy how much I feel for them. The connection between us all that day was incredible. The four boys got on so well even with the language barrier, they speak English so well but have not kept up with their learnings & on top of that we speak so fast :) Jasper adored boys time whilst we shopped & has told Darcey all about the two Davids & mummys friends. The most incredible week & Im still on such a blissful high. We are also planning a trip to Charlene & Davids home in August & I just cannot wait. Je'taime belle, grande bisous <3<3<3 143

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