Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Sunset walk

My pops was over on Sunday when I had to say goodbye to Ducky as half term was coming to an end & she was due home. Its always too hard & I was so upset once she had left. Dad suggested we went for a walk on the pier as the new Pier Cafe opened this weekend & as the sun was setting it was a pretty magical time to chill out & regain strength with a dam good cup of coffee. Jasper was so excited to be out at sunset & a little overtired but so funny & silly. The cafe was so pretty & Im quite care free after conquering my fears of the pier with its see through planks looking down into the sea, still a little bleurgh but hey :) Jasper kept lying flat on the floor with his nose poking through the gaps explaining he had seen sharks & green fish galore haha* We then went into the arcade. Jasper was in 2p heaven & my dad treated me to a pound of pennies haha. We won loads of tokens & Jaspers face seeing all these tickets come through was priceless. When we got over 200 tickets we went to pick a prize. He chose a red yoyo, a lollipop & sweeties. He was so happy & then we found a machine that you win a teddy every time. It was the grab type machine that you NEVER win on so when Jasper steering caught a teddy for his sissy he was shouting so loud "I won i won". Just perfection!! 143

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