Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Spring wall crafts

The bubbas love painting & creating things out of random items in the craft tub. They are so imaginative & our recent painting session turned into a Spring bucketlist of ideas. I even got in on the act & made a watercolour masterpiece haha** We are displaying recent drawings, painting, school work & pics on our spring wall in the hallway. We are also going to display items about growing as Jaspey is learning this at school & include the topic 'See the world'. Our Spring project is to learn about the world, oceans, countries & where we live. The days of the week, the months of the year. Also to learn about growing. Plants, humans, trees. And finally the names of baby animals to adult animals :):) The bubbas have painted rainbows, spring scenes with sheep & a farmer & I printed out photo collages of Studley & Ducky throughout the years to show how they have grown. We have planted sweetpeas in a pot for the window sill & in the easter holidays coming up we are going to plant cress & a bean in plastic containers so we can watch them grow each week seeing the roots & transformation. I loved this project at school & remember it so well. I cannot wait to see Jaspers face when he see's the difference from bean to plant! Love all this exciting learning as an adult & teaching my little cherubs. 143*
its a work in progress as yet as we don't have Easter art up & we have so much more to display. Studley helped me make a wall hanging with beads threaded by Jaspey & his cards about countries that he gets in his yoyo fruit snack packs I attatched on the string :):) He has amazed me today, he has listened intently to me on how to spell 'spring' & 'growing' & wrote in a line from left to right (as a left hander hes tempted always to write right to left). He spells his name verbally & on paper so well, he is very proud of his beautiful hand writing & got the cutest shy giggles when me & Gary praised him so enthusiasticly when he spelled out egg, july, mum and dad. Darcey taught him egg at the weekend haha!! His lil sponge brain is just incredible. So adore teaching this boy & learning more again myself along the way.** 143

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