Monday, 21 April 2014

Flower crafts

Jasper has been really interested in all the flowers that have been blossoming around our area, the daisys in the garden &  seing all the bouquets in shops. He asks what there names are for each one & we have got Sweetpeas to grow on our windowsill. Will see how that goes though as Im terrible at growing flowers hehe. We went into the garden last week to pick a few flowers & realised we actually have a huge variety growing. Inside we used sticky back sheets to create pressed flower suncatchers to hang in the window. I saw this blogged  here on Artful Parent. We didnt do egg shaped as Jasper is all about squares & rectangles just now & decided his own shapes hehe. It would have def worked better had we of pressed the flowers for a few days to be honest but bubba was so excited for a new activity that we just went ahead. They hung in the window just one day as in the morning they were ruined with liquid from the flowers misting up bubbas art but he didnt seam fussed at all & we enjoyed the activity so thats what counts. I will definatly be trying this with Ducky also but we will press the prettys first, she has way more patience bless her :):) 143 

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