Thursday, 10 April 2014

V&A Museum of Childhood

We have had just the most amazing day* We visited a new museum in Bethnal Green, London. Jaspey & I were treated to this lovely day trip by my auntie Juli & Nanny Molly. Jasper's great nanny who is 80 years older than boo :) incredible. The museum was amesome on entry, Trolls & tamagotchi's displayed in cases with al sorts of hand held games adorning the walls. We walked in to the most open plan museum, so full of light & colour. The shop brimming with great souvineers & the cafe with coffee & cake waiting for us. The layout was so different to any of the huge museums as this is more like a showcase specific display. We all had a race up the ramp, Stud won :) then it was explore explore. Me & Juli had the giggles & squeals over all the toys on display we were remembering & that we had. Jasper adored seeing the old aged fire trucks from early 1900's & the amazing train track displays. He rode a hobby horse (a huge one) & was so excited when he saw his idols, Power Rangers in a case with teenage turtles, super heroes Spiderman, Hulk, Wolverine, Batman & Superman. He said the female Superwoman was amazing!! hehe, crushing...There were a few play zones for him as the journey to the museum was so long because my nan was in her wheelchair so underground seemed impossible (as it goes we braved that to get us home & she done incredible walking huge flights of stairs, shes gonna ache tomorrow :( Love you my awesome, pretty Nanny <3) As were on the subject of my nan I know Ive been a tad silly & anxious this week. But i looked at her with my darling boy & just wanted to cry. So happy are these two being giggly & silly together. Him on her lap spinning around the London crowds. She spoilt him with snacks, lunch, special big boy drink & well, huge love. She is so beautiful. For a lady who is 83 years old she is just elegant, pretty & gentle. I just wanna squeeze her up. I love u nanny**
Anyhow soppy mess aside we had such a brilliant day as as the bus journey was such a route we actually got a great sightseeing tour of London. We spotted so many musical fronts with there flashing lights & awesome signs. We passed spectacular old churches converted into apartments but in keeping with the original architecture, the Shard building, Cath Kidston megastore, Hyde park. Just heaps. Its wonderful how in the mad packed city of buildings & homes there are tiny gardens scattered so often with blossoming flowers & hundred year old trees :):) I just am so inspired by such adventures & Jasper just is a sponge. Wanting information on so much of what he sees. Its awesome. He had time in the museum to craft some door hangings, one for him & one for Ducky bless him & then we chose a gift for them both from the shop. He chose a paper oragami bunny wall hanging for our spring wall, a bouncy ball with ribbons hanging from it to create a shooting star & a small foot shaped slinky. Happiest boy ever :) Juli treated him & boo to new funky straw magic cups too. Bubba slept on me all the way home. He has had such a brilliant day :):) 143

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