Monday, 21 April 2014

Water fight*

Its been so lovely & sunny of late so I decided on a relaxing day in that we would head outside in the garden with an army of toys & our sensory playtub. I filled it with soapy warm water & shave foam in the other side. The bubbas had a picnic before they got down to some imaginative play together, me & a friend enjoying a coffee & giggles watching these beauty cherubs. Darcey has been so confident & happy, shining light & positivity in each day & its been amazing to see her & Jaspeys relationship develop as he is growing & making choices in play etc also. They play for hours so easily, they just are so consumed by a game made in their sweet little minds. Jasper has also really picked up speed when running so they love having a run around crazy five. Anyhow all of a sudden Ducky started pouring lil cups of water all over herself, Jaspey chucked some at her & she laughed so loud & so a water fight was born. A huge, giggly, soapy water fight** It was so fun to watch & the photos I shot are priceless. Bubba looked so darn pretty. She just breaks my heart how beautiful her smile is when she is so content & truly at ease & happy. Jaspers laugh face is just too stunning! Love these beauts far too much. After a quick change once the fight finished they then played knights & horses in the longer grass & daisys in their onsies & then it was back inside for their new sticker books. They both amazed me with their concentration & skill at carefully putting the stickers in place & Jasper especially was so proud as he has always struggled with stickers as a left handed bubb.

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