Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Blog siesta

Ive been on a siesta from blogging. Mainly because I have been so busy, back to the gym so tired of an evening & honestly, I got a little caught up in the link ups, twitter & pouring over peoples blogs that I lost time for my own. So back to basics where I began. No knowledge of any of the sharing & just writing for my babys in the future. 
What have I missed to document this month** Wot a mess fun with a very special little lady Evelyn joining us with her pops. Sporadic sunny days out. Jasper learning about growing at school & actually growing so much himself (so much so he can now reach the light pull in the bathroom on his tippy toes & his socks & trousers all of a sudden dont fit). Decorating our lounge, new sofa, shabby chic furniture!! Darcey starting a new school. Daddy learning guitar & having a easy sunday chill day jam. Baseball & running practise at nannys. Games, learning, painting, playdates, lunch with the family, marble maze made by mama :):) all sorts. Always fun, always happy** So blessed in this amazing life we all enjoy** 143

Captured by me*

Our ducky doo*

I have written so many letters by hand in the past, before this blog, ones that are now binned & ones that will be kept for Darcey when she is older. I just have such overwhelmed emotions when it comes to this precious boo. We dont get to care for her everyday, to show our love for her & to kiss those hot pink cheeks littered with darling freckles. Its such a heartache each week saying goodbye & now it being such a long gap on us seeing her. This has to change as the distress Darcey is displaying going home is devastating. On us, her Jaspey poo & mainly on her. Communication is better with her mama but we still have very little input into her lifestyle & schooling. Its so very hard to be on this side of things desperate for more time & more knowledge of what baby does each day. My heart stings for my man having to say his goodbyes to his princess, if I think its hard I cant imagine how his heart is wrenched. Seeing her beaming face this weekend picking some big girl clothes & playing baseball with us all fielding whilst she was batsman. She was so skilled & is so good at any sport she trys so we are hoping to get her into a weekly club. She is interested in football, baseball now & learning how to win the teddys from the arcade machines that never let you win. haha!! Is that not the best answer ever** I love you my sweet angel. I miss you everyday more than you can imagine. We kiss your teddy goodnight always & your face adorns our walls with that gappy gummy smile. You my darling are our blessing. Such a sweetheart & happiness. 143 cherub pie*

London love*

So we just love the museums. We could spend an entire day exploring both the Science museum & History. I want to go up alone. Just so I can absorb all the info on each plaque displayed. Its such a wealth of knowledge contained in these marverlous, beautiful buildings. Even Jasper stands, mouth open in awe of the height of the ceilings & the shapes & features of the walls in the History museum. There is such visual wonders for a child. He adores his trips there. We planned a trip with my sister, two brother in laws, lil bro & sissy in law & it was brilliant fun. We could of done with more time & the train journey home was a darn nightmare but hey. Such a great time again. Next stop is The museum of childhood with my auntie & Nan. This looks like a super good museum of vintage & stunningly old toys & items. Im obsessed with everything vintage. I adore the patterns & wooden toys are a fave with both my bubbas. I just love that we have these amazing archives of such awesome history to learn about & Jasper really retains infomation well when its seen through play, touch & fun. He really loves the sensory 'Garden' for children in the science museum. He's all about hands on learning & play. 143*