Tuesday, 25 March 2014

London love*

So we just love the museums. We could spend an entire day exploring both the Science museum & History. I want to go up alone. Just so I can absorb all the info on each plaque displayed. Its such a wealth of knowledge contained in these marverlous, beautiful buildings. Even Jasper stands, mouth open in awe of the height of the ceilings & the shapes & features of the walls in the History museum. There is such visual wonders for a child. He adores his trips there. We planned a trip with my sister, two brother in laws, lil bro & sissy in law & it was brilliant fun. We could of done with more time & the train journey home was a darn nightmare but hey. Such a great time again. Next stop is The museum of childhood with my auntie & Nan. This looks like a super good museum of vintage & stunningly old toys & items. Im obsessed with everything vintage. I adore the patterns & wooden toys are a fave with both my bubbas. I just love that we have these amazing archives of such awesome history to learn about & Jasper really retains infomation well when its seen through play, touch & fun. He really loves the sensory 'Garden' for children in the science museum. He's all about hands on learning & play. 143*

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