Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Blog siesta

Ive been on a siesta from blogging. Mainly because I have been so busy, back to the gym so tired of an evening & honestly, I got a little caught up in the link ups, twitter & pouring over peoples blogs that I lost time for my own. So back to basics where I began. No knowledge of any of the sharing & just writing for my babys in the future. 
What have I missed to document this month** Wot a mess fun with a very special little lady Evelyn joining us with her pops. Sporadic sunny days out. Jasper learning about growing at school & actually growing so much himself (so much so he can now reach the light pull in the bathroom on his tippy toes & his socks & trousers all of a sudden dont fit). Decorating our lounge, new sofa, shabby chic furniture!! Darcey starting a new school. Daddy learning guitar & having a easy sunday chill day jam. Baseball & running practise at nannys. Games, learning, painting, playdates, lunch with the family, marble maze made by mama :):) all sorts. Always fun, always happy** So blessed in this amazing life we all enjoy** 143

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