Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Our Spring wall has been up for a few weeks now & we have added a few bits. We have mainly been reading our new books from my gorge mama. Learning about different countries & what animals live there & the way to say hello in that country thanks to the little bear cards in Yoyo swirl snacks the bubbas love. We have taken a while but finally have a paper mache Earth hanging in time for Earth day yesterday. It was made by us all with me doing the final painting of green countries. Im such a perfectionist so tried to copy a globe as best I could hehe!! 
We have ticked a few activities off our bucketlist & will be making new art for the wall with Jaspers best buddies Eddie & Lily tommorow. The cherubs art wall in their bedroom has been photographed & will gradually be replaced now with their newest masterpieces. Ducky was so great at her sticker book so she would love to see some of her favourite pages displayed & Jaspers shapes, faces & drawing'writing stretgth has tripled, he has such a great sturdy hand now & loves all art. He gets so proud of himself too :) bloody beaut. He has been accepted officially to Lyndhurst First School to start in September so takes great pride in being a big boy. He can spell a few words & loves sitting there saying words for a letter I give him. "F for food, T for towel & P for Poo mummy!!" Haha. Best boy* We are struggling with being so uninvolved in Darceys schooling & although we create learning oppurtunities for her & play spelling bee which makes her beam with pride when she gets them all right, we just have no idea of her actual abilities & strengths. Hopefully we can go to a parent evening this term with her new school <3 
We had a lovely day yesterday playing with my good friend Vikki & her lil stud Damo. We made shave foam Rainbows & Damo loved gettin super silly & splashing in the soapy water. Was very sweet seeing bubbs be so caring & sweet with Damo as hes not yet two & so much smaller. 
I have been poorly today & very bored as Jaspey was on his long day in pre school so I made him a camera out of an egg box. I saw the idea on by the lovely Along came Cherry & hers was a lot better than my attempt but Jasper adores his & I have had his lil buddy Henrys mama asking for one for Henry too haha* What else ...well Jasper had a really bad running fall yesterday. Ive never ever seen him cry really hard from actually being in pain so that was very scary & he was running so well it happened so fast. He has major bruising going on today but he says he doesnt need a plaster as hes brave & big :):) 143*

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