Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Science fun

I am truly spoiling Jasper with all my attention & activities each day we get that is spent as mama & Jasper time. Im so invested in enjoying all our alone time & making it as fun as can be for him as this is the last few weeks of him being a carefree child in the sense of no schedule that is a strict as school for the next ten years :/:/ He has his first settle in session at Lyndhurst on my birthday & he loved it. He was acting a little shy & nervous as we walked in the school even though the walk down he was shouting his excitement, skipping & jumping & shouting "Yes big boy Jasper!!" He walked in with his named sticker on & was away. I called Gary in tears & then joined other mummy & daddys for coffee & a chat which was nice. Jasper came out complaining he wanted to stay longer haha!! Bless him! Oh wowsa, anyhow. So Tuesday afternoon last week we spent hours out on the lawn painting, colouring & doing some pretty cool science experiments. We blew blue & green bubbles in soapy water, made fizzing volcano explosions & made crackling coloured ice. He so loved being super hands on with me telling him each step & letting him get fully involved as all the ingrediants were safe & we were on the grass not indoors. He also enjoyed some messy play with shave foam, describing to me the playzone he set up was his army men stuck in a spiders web & the salt was a snow mountain his army tuck was descending to rescue his team!! So sweet**143

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