Friday, 3 October 2014

Ducky turns seven*

Sweet Ducky doo, you are seven today. And what a beaut of a seven year old you are bubba. Happiest birthday wishes for you little angel. I cant believe a year has passed since I wrote your last birthday post. You are growing up so quickly, into such a super little darling. This year feels like its rushed by but we have made some immense memories, laughed the happiest gut aching laughs & you even started to let me photograph u & pose like a lil moo after years of shying away from the lens. You have more confidence than ever before & say the funniest things, you still have a fascination with the words poo & butt so your 'Dinosaur that pooped the past' book was a win!! You make our hearts smile boo <3
 This is the first year we have the absolute blessing of celebrating your actual birthday with you. We had you after dinner time & will have you all weekend to enjoy celebrations & more gifts, ice creams & cuddles. We were so excited for today & planned a treasure hunt of gifts ready for you which you loved, hunting out your toys & being surprised that there was still more to find after your haul created a mountain. You excitedly made your own ice cream sundae with sweet treats, angel delight, ice cream, jelly & marshmallows & sprinkles. Family visited & you played til late & now your snoozing with your dear bear that daddy brought you as a newborn, so precious. You are such a treasure sweetpea. We miss you more than you can imagine when we cant see you but the joy of the countdown towards our weekend with you is always exciting. You are an incredible big sissy to your Jabba poo. He just adores you & has been so insanely excited this week knowing your birthday was near. He had chosen some gifts for you & even helped me wrap them so carefully. And as it went you were so kind in letting him unwrap them with you too :):) We just adore you bubbs. You are our little angel, our princess & the cutest blondie. Never change sweet baby. All my love & kisses today & always xx 143

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