Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Autumn Bucketlist*

We have started our Autumn wall now. It still has gaps & feels quite bare really. I tried getting some art work out of these bubbas early so it could be done in time for Autumn but just didnt happen. Jasper & I had a wonderful time after school last week collecting leaves & dry flowers & enjoying a spider hunt in Beach House Gardens. He stuck them to an old frame border & we have framed his painting of a tree with a squirell in it. It looks so cute* Whilst he was making his frame this huge odd looking bug crawled off a leaf onto his leg. Jasper was so calm & intrigued, he is just a wonder. Fearless lil beaut :)
He's also made a hand print Spider his auntie Jojo inspired. He stuck googley eyes on & is so impressed & proud of the outcome of all his art. It was such a relaxed, beaut afternoon. We took his easel outside on the lawn & Jessika his friend who is a neighbour also joined us. I got them to write their names on the chalk board & then dip there finger in water & retrace the chalk & spell their names out with the water. It was a good activity that Jasper really loved. He liked that the chalk dissapeared but his name still stayed just in a different form. He also drew a giraffe eating from a tree like his favourite teddy GiRalph would!! So amazing & far too cute how attatched to this mini teddy he is :):)
We have been so very busy each day & we dont have many hours to spare now Jasper is in school. I am finding this harder than bubb. He is so fueled by his school days & learning, he comes homes with all his knowledge fronm the day eager to show me. His writing was brilliant before but has even some what improved, he knows all his letterland characters, their sounds & actions & loves drawing.

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