Sunday, 10 November 2013

Mr Spider love

I was really inspired by this Knock knock Mr Squirrel post on Three Years & Home's blog this week. After all we have visited our own animal friend Mr Spider everyday, a few times a day all summer & the warmer side of Autumn. But after the St Jude storm the webs being so damaged we have not seen Jaspers spider friends at all. We walk to playschool & he searches but his favourite bug chunky brown one in the middle of two trees hanging in his huge web has gone. Jasper has asked all week why? He has shown he is quite sad by his leaving & says "Where are you Mr Spider?" to the same tree each time we walk past. Bless him* So after seeing this fantastic blog post I was determined to make a great experience in Jaspers goodbye. I brought items that I know Jasper enjoys & a few spider related gifts, wrote out his name so he would see it hanging & recognize his letters & then set about displaying his suprise from Mr Spider. This weekend we had a moment of settle from the rain. I worked with Hubby to sort the suprise. Jasper thought I was going to the shop & he was going to join me with daddy when they got their shoes on. I called Hubbs & spoke to Jasper in excitement that Ive just seen something super cool near where Mr Spider lives. He came running so fast towards me & noticed straight away looking for his spider that there was gifts. He pointed to the hanging card with his name & said J for Jasper. I said the gifts were for him from Mr Spider & he was just so happy. It was such a delightful little suprise to do for him. He wanted the cards read to him straight away & understood immediatly that as he had been such a good friend greeting Mr Spider all summer that he was gifted with a toy, choc lolly, Star wars book (his new favourite thing!) & his National Geographic kids mag. He waved goodbye to his fave creepy crawly & shouted "See you soon."
It was such a darling moment. He was so ridiculously chuffed & obviously so excited for his new toy & reading material. It was so nice to see him be so sensitive to his friend that he had cared so much for. He is such a studley, so into his surroundings & so aware & appreciative of nature & lil critters. He amazes me with his happiness & thurst for knowledge & exploring everyday & its great to be able to use the outdoors enviroment to teach him so much & to treat him to such a fun exciting pleasure. His reaction was just gorgeous. He is so un afraid of lil bugs & when we got home he spotted a spider in our kitchen & wanted to hold him. We let him stay under the drawers for now :) & last night at our family firework display he held a woodlouse. Just such cuteness.  Im so in love with this beautiful lil heartbeat. 143 bubba boo** mama loves you

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